Bob Folder’s Online Presence

Bob Folder, the World's Greatest Poet
Bob Folder, the World’s Greatest Poet

As I hardly need to tell you, the greatest poet and dramatist the world has ever known is not Shakespeare or Edmund Spencer. It is, instead, Oregon’s own Bob Folder. Although Bob is super old, he has never stood still. He goes with the flow. Man. And the flow is down the urinal trough of the Internets. Bob exists in a number of places in the Internets. I’m going to list them here so you can look at them and love him more.

Bob at Morpheme Tales. 10 minutes ago he touched a hamster and cried.

Valleywag on Bob. He’s an important business man in the new Internets economy.

Bob at Ozark Jimmy’s Global Enterprises. He was the Director of Communications at this multinational.

Bob at Chiliphone. He was the director of communications for this enormously successful the Internets company.

Dada: Profile of Bob and poems. This Italian magazine couldn’t get enough of Bob. And for good reason.

Dada: Poems by Bob. What’d I tell you?

Exquisite Corpse. Bob is mentioned. He is a presence.

NowPublic. Bob is recognized as not only a poet but an innovator in poetic mechanization.