Enterprise.nxt, author archives. In-depth articles on the deep trends and implications of technology, from 2017 to the present.

Ready Statements, author archive, from “Advertise your failures” to “The Sounds of Chinatown. Contributions to the agency blog on innovative approaches to communication. May 12, 2016 to present.

The Parallax, article, “Four IoT vulnerabilities, one dangerous trend?” June 29, 2016. Article on wacky hackin’ of the Internet of Things.

Daily Dot, articles, author archive. August, 2012-November, 2013; March, 2015-present. News and features on data security, hacking, hacking groups, cyberwar, and the digital humanities.

WhoWhatWhy, author archive. January 31, 2015-March 11, 2015. News, analysis, and investigative coverage of government transparency and Latin American issues.

The Cryptophere, “Future’s Past: How the Theban Mapping Project’s Effort to Document Ancient Egypt Has Also Documented the Contemporary History of Technological Innovation.” November 12, 2014. Feature on the techology of archaeology.

The Laugh Button, “Comic: An oral history of failure, and (partial) redemption.” May 14, 2014. Republished profile of comedian and actor Dave Anthony.”

The New Stack, feature, “SKA Telescope May Change Computing as Much as Astronomy.” April 29, 2014. Feature on the Square Kilometer Array and the computing that powers it.

The New Stack, feature, “Drones Muster Out and Head for Wine Country.” April 29, 2014. Feature on precision agriculture, robotics, and drones.

The New Stack, feature, “New Tech Needed to Stop Train Crashes.” April 29, 2014.  Feature on positive train controls.

VentureBeat, article, BitTorrent takes step toward secure serverless chat. December 19, 2013. Article on peer-to-peer service.

VentureBeat, article, “Facebook becomes the world’s #2 seller of online ads.” December 19, 2013. Article on social network.

VentureBeat, article, “European Parliament approves Snowden video testimony, thwarting objections.” December 12, 2013. Article on whistleblower’s remote testimony.

VentureBeat, article, “Now you can buy beer with Bitcoin in Beijing.” November 5, 2013. Article on the stateless currency in China.

Salon, articles, author archive, November, 1997-October, 2013. Stories on hacking, privacy, online finance and international security.

Okayafrica, article, “African Space Programs Aren’t Science Fiction,” May 20, 2013. Feature on African space science.

Okayafrica, article, “African Sci-Fi ≠ Western Sci-Fi,” March 19, 2013. Article on African science fiction.

Okayafrica, review, “80’s Jo’burg Punk from ‘National Wake, February 21, 2013. Review of the reissue of seminal African record.

BBC Future, feature, “Lidar archaeology shines a light on hidden sites.” August, 2012. Feature on the use of LiDAR in archaeology.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Nokia loses $1.7 billion, but Lumia phones kept it from being much worse.” July, 2012. Horizons tech blog post on mobile phone earnings loss.

Christian Science Monitor, article, “Who’s looking to hire? Top 10 hard-to-fill jobs hold surprising lessons.” July, 2012. Article on employment talent shortage.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “AT&T’s new shared data plan saves money, but not for everyone,” July, 2012. Horizons tech blog post on new data plans.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Everything you need to know about new iPhone rumors. Really, everything.,” July, 2012. Horizons tech blog post on iPhone 5 news.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Yahoo hack steals 400,000 passwords. Is yours on the list?” July, 2012. Horizons tech blog post on user ID and password theft.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Google Maps heads indoors with walking directions for 17 Smithsonian museums,” July, 2012. Horizons tech blog post on indoor mapping of the Smithsonian Museums.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Ouya brings free-to-play games to TVs,” July, 2012. Horizons tech blog post on new gaming console.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “DNSChanger: Removing the virus just got a lot harder,” July, 2012. Horizons tech blog post on the after-effects of the DNSChanger virus.

Christian Science Monitor, feature, “Are some global companies too reliant on China?” May, 2012. Feature on the effect of China’s growth slow-down on international companies and development of a consumer economy.

Christian Science Monitor, article, “Japanese tsunami debris to hit West Coast this year, sooner than expected,” April 2012. Article on latest debris landfall model and response.

Ars Technica, articles, author archive. March 8 2010-July 4. News, features and book reviews on the intersection of technology and culture.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Google Play: Android’s new home for apps, video, and music,” March 2012. Post on Google’s new online store.

Christian Science Monitor, article, “Rush Limbaugh: If ad boycott expands, can he survive?” March, 2012. Article on radio host’s loss of sponsors.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Yelp IPO makes a splash on Wall Street. Will it drown?” March, 2012. Post on latest high-tech stock offering.

Okayafrica, review, “Nothing Was Desirable: A Review of ‘Punk in Africa‘” February, 2012. Review of documentary.

Christian Science Monitor, article, “Ship’s anchor cuts Internet access to six East African countries,” February, 2012. Article on the severing of the TEAMS cable.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Americans arrested, deported by Bahrain for supporting democracy protests,” February, 2012. Post on the arrest and deportation of American activists.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Malaysia may repatriate Saudi who faces death penalty for tweets,” February, 2012. Post for Global News Blog on Saudi Twitter user’s blasphemy charges.

Christian Science Monitor, post, “Nokia publishes policy on African conflict minerals,” February, 2012. Post for Africa Monitor blog on world’s largest mobile phone company.

Christian Science Monitor, article, “Why mobile money is popular in Africa, but not in the U.S.,” January, 2012. Article on mobile payments in Africa and U.S.

ReadWriteWeb, articles, Curt Hopkins ReadWriteWeb article archive. March, 2010-March 2012. Hundreds of articles on technology, tech trends and effects of technology on life.

Oregon Quarterly, profile, “Made for Standup,” June, 2010. Profile of comedian and author Greg Behrendt.

Ashland Daily Tidings, articles and features. March-April, 2007.

LocalsGuide, essay, “Five in the Afternoon: In Spain, the Bullfight is more than a relic,” May, 2007. Personal essay about bullfighting in Spain.

Los Angeles Times, article, “Cool truth about Crater Lake,” February 11, 2007. Travel feature on Crater Lake National Park in the Winter.

Medford Mail Tribune, column, “Memories of a Jacksonville gone by” December 17, 2006. Essay on the changes in an Oregon town. (Reposted on this blog.)

Foreign Policy, column, “Expert Sitings: Curt Hopkins,” May/June, 2006. Column on valuable and interesting online sites.

Los Angeles Times, article, “The Bard rises from Ashland,” February 12, 2006. Travel feature on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and environs. (CNET), op-ed, “Blogging to be free.” August 16, 2005. Editorial on the use of blogging in human rights activism.

Los Angeles Times, op-ed, “Fighting for Freedom of the Keyboard.” March 14, 2005. Editorial on the beneficial qualities bloggers bring to dissent.

National Post, op-ed, “A collective conscience for the wired world.” March 4, 2005. Editorial on the entrance of bloggers into the international free speech movement. (Reposted on this blog.)

Oregon Business, article, “Lullaby to Broadway.” March 1, 2005. Business article on the trials and opportunities of downtown revitalization.

Oregon Business, cover story, “This Stage of Business.” February 1, 2005. Business article on the unique management style of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Reuters, article, “TV’s Distress Signal Creates Real-Life Drama.” October 19, 2004. News article on “rogue television.”

Reuters, article, “Democrats, Republicans Charge Vote Improprieties.” October 13, 2004. News article on voter registration fraud. (Reposted here.)

KLCC-FM (NPR), Over forty radio news reports, interviews and commentaries. March-October 2004.

Latinamerica Press, interview, “‘The economic situation of most people has worsened.'” January 23, 2004. Interview with the Secretary General of El Salvador’s opposition Marxist FMLN party. The original Spanish is here, “Líder del FMLN habla de los problemas y soluciones de El Salvador.”

Newsweek, news article, “Road Riches?” September 1, 2003. News article on Plan Puebla-Panama, the hemisphere’s largest infrastructure project, in Central America and southern Mexico. (Reposted here.)

Newsweek, news article, “Stitching Up a Deal.” June 2, 2003. News article on the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Newsweek, news article, “Crime: Made in the USA.” June 2, 2003. News article on the formation of Salvadoran gangs.

San Francisco Chronicle, feature, “Sleeping with the Enemy in El Salvador.” July 27, 2003. Feature article on the new El Salvador.

Daily Times, April 1, 2003, news article, “Snowpack Still Below Normal.” News article on the Four Corners below average snowpack.

San Francisco Bay Guardian, feature, “Noisy art,” November, 1999. Arts feature on premier and live webcast of George Antheil’s 1924 symphony. (Reposted here.), feature, “Pile Up In Pomona,” October, 1999. Feature article on demolition derby for online sports portal.

Oregon Quarterly, feature, “A Circle of Words,” Spring, 1998. Feature article on Warm Springs Reservation’s language reclamation program.

San Francisco Bay Guardian, feature, “Beginings, Birth/Rebirth, and The New World,” May, 1998. Literary feature on 5 Finger Review literary magazine.

Miami New Times, feature, “Psychotronic Reaction,” March, 1998. Feature article on band The Cramps.

San Francisco Bay Guardian, feature, “Pantyhose Junction,” February, 1998. Travel feature on strange wayside.

Miami New Times, review, “Todos Tus Muertos,” February, 1998. Review of Spanish rock-en-espanol band.

Miami New Times, review, “Ay Califas,” February, 1998. Review of rock-en-espanol compilation.

New Times Broward/Palm Beach, review, “Athens At Night,” January, 1998. Review of JC Hopkins album.

New Times Broward/Palm Beach, review, “Square,” December, 1997. Review of Orange Peels album.

New Times Broward/Palm Beach, review, “Pasiones, Torturas y Otros Misterios,” December, 1997. Review of rock-en-espanol album by Maria Fatal.

New Times Broward/Palm Beach, review, “Frontera Azul,” December, 1997. Review of rock-en-espanol album by Ley De Hielo.

New Times Broward/Palm Beach, review, “Zoot Suit Riot,” November, 1997. Review of swing album by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies., feature, “Among The Gypsies of Spain,” November, 1997. Travel feature on the Gypsies of Granada, Spain.

Oregon Quarterly, feature, “Mighty Opposites,” Summer, 1997. Feature article on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, on Ashland, and on the area’s changing dynamics.

San Francisco Bay Guardian, feature, “The Lost World,” May, 1997. Travel feature on Oregon roadside attraction.

San Francisco Bay Guardian, feature, “Disaster Factory,” November, 1996. News feature on jail conditions and lawsuits in San Francisco. (Nov. 20, 1996).

San Francisco Bay Guardian, short feature, “Mojave Insult,” November, 1996. News feature on exclusion of Indian tribes from DPA debate. (Dec. 4, 1996).

Allstar, feature, “Powwow,” 1996. Feature article on the increasingly popular Native American powwow music for online magazine.

Huh, feature, “Robot Wars,” November, 1996. Feature article on annual high-tech smash-up derby.

Huh, feature, “Running with the Devil,” October, 1996. News feature on damage suit against Slayer by the parents of a slain girl.

Allstar, feature, “Night of the Donut,” September, 1996. Feature article on the mystery of the donut shop.

Huh, feature, “Incredibly Strange Wrestling,” August, 1996. Feature article on SF’s wrestling hoedown.

Huh, feature, “The Sound and the Stanley,” June, 1996. Feature article on SF’s Audium installation.

Independent Newspaper Group, news, features, profiles (at least five per week Nov. ’95 — September ’96).

Cascade, feature, “A World Beyond Borders,” Autumn, 1995. Article on Professor Alec Murphy and geography as a tool to shaping political policy.

Oregon Business, article, “Partners and Adversaries,” October, 1995. Article on debate over growth in Oregon.

Horizon Air, CEO profile, “Robert McDowell,” August, 1995. Profile of StoryLine Press’ CEO.

Oregon Business, feature, “Barn Poetry,” July, 1995. Article on Oregon non-profit publishing house StoryLine.

Willamette Week, travel story, “Road Trip,” June, 1995. Travel article on out-of-the-ordinary destination.

Oregon Quarterly, essay, “Swan Song,” Spring, 1995. Opinion piece on the influence of the media on Seattle’s rock scene.

Horizon Air Magazine, CEO profile, “Valued Assets,” April, 1995. Profile of a Western Bank CEO, Georges St. Laurent.

Oregon Business, global marketplace story, “Oregon Has the Beat,” April, 1995. Story on Oregon independent recording industry.

Oregon Business, global marketplace story, “Good Vibrations,” March, 1995. Profile of innovative company, Acoustic Sciences Corporation.

Horizon Air Magazine, CEO profile, “Making Sense,” October, 1994. Business profile of Ken Smith, CEO of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs.

The Rocket, reviews, “Sugarboom: Planer,” and “Zoom: Helium Octipede,” August 10, 1994. Record reviews; CDs.

Oregon Business, key industry story, “Growing the Business of Sports,” June, 1994. Business story on sporting goods in Oregon.

Horizon Air Magazine, article, “Sole Saving,” June, 1994. Business article on Portland company, BioArch 3, and Clyde Drexler.

The Rocket, reviews, “Billy Jack: Randy Miller,” and “Various Artists: 3,” June 8, 1994. Record reviews; singles.

The Rocket, profile, “Billy Jack,” June 8, 1994. Band profile.

Oregon Quarterly, cover story, “Walking in Two Worlds,” Winter, 1993. Story on the economic successes of the Warm Springs Tribes.

Oregon Quarterly, profile, “King of the Infomercial,” Winter, 1993. Profile of John Ripper, developer of the infomercial.

Raygun, interview, “It’s Greg Sage Talking,” September, 1993. The Wipers, influential rock group.

Oregon Quarterly, profile, “Salt of the Earth,” Autumn, 1993. Profile of Admiral David Jeremiah, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Oregon Quarterly, profile, “Committed: Anne Curry at Sunrise,” Summer, 1993. Article on NBC News at Sunrise’s Anne Curry.

Oregon Quarterly, profile, “George Hitchcock,” Summer, 1993. Alumni profile of publisher and writer George Hitchcock.

Seattle Times/Pacific Magazine, cover story, “The Ends of the Earth,” June 6, 1993. Sunday magazine article on the image of the Northwest in popular culture.

Oregon Business, article, “Thinking on Your Feet,” April, 1993. Business article on Portland company BioArch 3.

Seattle Times, Sunday Magazine feature, “The Ends of the Earth: How the Northwest Came to Be More Than a Little Off-Center,” June 6, 1993. Story on the image of the Pacific Northwest in popular culture.

Oregon Quarterly, article, “Endangered Languages,” Winter, 1992. Article on indigenous language preservation at the UO.

Emergency Horse, column, “Harsh 1,” Winter, 1992. News and opinion column.

Emergency Horse, column, “Harsh 2,” Autumn, 1992. News and opinion column.

Oregon Quarterly, profile, “Robert Grudin,” Autumn, 1992. Profile of writer and professor, Robert Grudin.

The Rocket, article, “Now William,” September, 1992. Article on Oregon rock groups.

Emergency Horse, feature, “My Life on the Holy Mountain,” Summer, 1992. Travel memoir on life with the Gypsies of Granada, Spain.

The Rocket, profile, “Heather Perkins,” July, 1992. Profile of guitarist, Heather Perkins.

Emergency Horse, review, “Crazy, Mensch,” Spring, 1992. Review of San Francisco’s New Klezmer Trio.

The Rocket, profile, “Oswald 5-0,” May, 1992. Profile of rock group.

Emergency Horse, interview, “Tales from the Crip,” January, 1992. Interview with cartoonist John Callahan.

Emergency Horse, humor column, “Ask the Old, Insufferable Car Idiot.” December, 1991-April, 1993.

For creative publications see Creative Publications page.


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