Press Coverage

This is a far-from-exhaustive list of articles about me or my activities, or which have quoted me as an expert.

“The Bastille #2,” Sabotage Reviews, 02/03/13: (review of poem, “Prima Hora”).

“Aerial cinematographer claims to have discovered a ‘lost city,'” Wired, 12/06/12: (syndication from Ars Technica)

“Plan a Trip Through History With ORBIS, a Google Maps for Ancient Rome,” The Atlantic, 05/23/12:

“Noises off: Theatre enters the tweet zone and art thrives in a cold climate,” The Guardian, 03/29/12:

“Should theatres have dedicated smartphone sections?” CBC, 03/27/12:

“Archaeological ‘Radar’ Revolution Finally Arrives,” Wall Street Journal, 03/13/12:

“iCow: Kenyans now manage their herds via mobile phone,” Christian Science Monitor, 11/11/11:

“Acid Christ: Ken Kesey, LSD, and the Politics of Ecstacy,” Shaffner Press, 11/01/11:

“WikiLeaks’ Nasty Little Spat with the New York Times,” The Atlantic, 08/30/11:

Mideast Youth Opens Online Platform for LGBTQ Community,” The Atlantic, 04/18/11:

“Fox News anchor advocates Internet ID system to ‘tone down the viciousness,’” Raw Story, 01/14/11:

“Google’s Conversation Translation Looks Like a Gimmick,” ReadWriteWeb, 01/12/11:

“Le Web 2010 Wrap Up from Social Media Clubhouse 5,” Social Media Club, 01/11/11:

“Novo transistor é feito de carbono, silício e água,” O Globo 11/01/10:

“The Rise of Religion-Specific Search Engines,” Atlantic,09/15/10:

“The Internet’s Latest Victim,” Atlantic (Andrew Sullivan’s “The Daily Dish”), 08/31/10:

“John Callahan obituary,” Guardian, 08/17/10:

“Privacy fears over gay teenage database,” BBC News, 07/12/10:

“Live-Tweeting A Firing Squad,” Atlantic-Daily Dish (Andrew Sullivan), 06/21/10:

“Google to Shut Down in China?” ReadWriteWeb,01/12/10:

“Committee to Protect Bloggers: An Interview,” The Blog Herald, 09/15/09:

“Bloggers behind bars,” Public Radio International’s The World, 05/22/09:

“Current Reporters to Stand Trial in North Korea,” Pacifica Radio, 04/24/09:

2008 Wikinomics Playbook, entry, “The Open-Source Israel-Palestine Peace Plan.“ 2008. Entry for grass-roots Middle East peace. ( (

Cubanology’s radio show, “Speak Your Mind,” 07/07/08:

“Hiding Out: Creative Resistance Among Anonymous Workbloggers,” Abigail Schoneboom, City University of New York dissertation for PhD in Sociology, 04/04/08:

Public Radio International program “The World,” 04/04/08:

The World Tech Podcast, from the public radio show “The World,” 02/22/08:

“Proposed blogger union sparks controversy,” PR Week, 08/07/07:

“Bloggers Consider Forming Labor Union,” Washington Post (via Associated Press), 08/07/07:

“Heroes or martyrs?” Guardian Unlimited, 05/03/07:

“10 Things Your Blogger Won’t Tell You,” Smart Money, 02/22/07:

“The New Arab Conversation,” Columbia Journalism Review, 01/01/07:

“Partaw Naderi Sees Afghanistan’s Future in the Stars,” University of Iowa, 09/20/06:

“Snooping Bosses,” Time, 09/11/06:,9171,1531312-1,00.html

“Expert Sitings,” Foreign Policy, 05/01/06:

“Blogging for Understanding,” Popular Science, 04/19/06:

“Blogswana Gives Voice to AIDS Fight,” WebPro News, 04/18/06:

“Blogswana,” De Standaard Online, 04/12/06:

“Giving blogs to the voiceless,” Foreign Policy’s Passport, 04/06/06:

“Top5,” PBS MediaShift, 04/04/06:

“Online Opposition,” American Journalism Review, 04/01/06:

Tammy Bruce Show, 03/30/06:

“Nearly 200 Bloggers Helped Free Journalist, Three More to Go,” TechWeb, 03/30/06:

“Contra la Censura en Internet,” La Voz de Galicia, 03/24/06:

“Bloggers Campaign to Free Jill Carroll,” Malaysia Today, 03/12/06:

“Great Firewall of China,” Slate, 01/25/06:

“Anti-Employer Blogging,” Duke University Law Review, 01/17/06:

“Committee to Protect Bloggers calls for new help at the top,”, 01/16/06:

“Wiki Offers Anonymous Blogging Tips,” CMP’s TechWeb, 01/12/06:

“Chapter Four, Direct Access,” Naked Conversations, book, 01/01/06:

“Committee to Protect Bloggers | Curt Hopkins, Director,” NetSquared, 12/22/05:  

“Comedians of Comedy,” movie (interviewer),11/13/05

Blogged Down,” Foreign Policy, 11/01/05

“Blogs’ Freedom Threatened by Repressive Governments,” Voice of America, 10/14/05:

“Companies instituting blogging practices,” Billings Gazette (originally published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and syndicated by Knight Ridder), 09/19/05:

“Freedom on the web?” La Vanguardia (Barcelona), 09/16/05:

“A new generation of bloggers,” BBC Radio 5 Up All Night, 09/10/05:

“When Bosses and Blogs Collide,” Newsday, 08/28/05:

“Egypt’s growing blogger community pushes limits of dissent,” Christian Science Monitor, 08/24/05:

“Blogging to Be Free,” CNET’s, 08/15/05 (authored by me):

“Bloggers may face management wrath,” Oakland Tribune, 07/25/05:

“Blogs lauded in ‘freedom awards,’” BBC News, 06/17/05:

“Does your company have an official blog policy?” Network World, 06/13/05:

“Blogging for a New Middle East,” The Jerusalem Report, 04/18/05:

“Employers Wrestle with Blogosphere,” National Law Journal, 04/05/05:

“Iran Cracks Down on Bloggers,” Associated Press, 03/28/05:,70522-0.html

“Bloggers rally to support voice of dissent in Iran,”, 03/18/05:

“Fighting for the Freedom of the Keyboard,” St. Augustine Record (originally published in the Los Angeles Times and syndicated by Tribune Media) (authored by me), 03/18/05:

“Blog e informazione,” Internazionale, 03/15/05:

“Bloggers arrested,” Guardian Unlimited, 03/03/05:

“Campanha virtual por journalistas presos,” Observatório da Impresa, 03/01/05:

“Bloggers in Peril,” Village Voice, 02/28/05:

“Building Blogs,” AlterNet, 02/25/05:

“Iranian blogger jailed for 14 years,” The Register, 03/24/05:

“Iran jails blogger for 14 years,” BBC News, 02/23/05:

“Global blogger action day called,” BBC News, 02/22/05:

“Bloggers Rally for Jailed Iranians,” CNET’s, 02/22/05:

“Site Precedent,” Village Voice, 02/15/05:,murphy,61135,6.html

“CNN Exec a Blog War Casualty,” Village Voice, 02/24/05:

“Iranian Bloggers,” PRI’s The World, 02/18/05:

“Office memo: ‘Blogging’ can get you bounced,” Christian Science Monitor, 02/07/05:

“Blogging may be hazardous for your day job,” USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review, 02/06/05:

“If you can’t publish, post,” CyberJournalist, 01/23/05:

“The Bald Soprano,” Portland Mercury, 05/17/01:

“Night & Day, ” SF Weekly, 08/09/99:

“Night & Day,” SF Weekly, 05/12/99:

“John Cage,” Eugene Register Guard, 04/23/93:,5187596

“Country & Poetry,” Eugene Register Guard, 04/26/91:,5937818

“Big Time Poetry Theatre,” Eugene Register Guard, 02/11/90:,2741185

“Big Time Poetry Theatre,” Eugene Register Guard, 03/04/88:,652025

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