Creative Work


As You Were, “To The War Poets.” November 11, 2017. Sonnet

336, poems, “We move like ghosts” and “Threnody,” January 12, 2017. 20 lines of bimeter couplets and a poem for poet Kofi Awoonor.

The Cryptosphere (Vancouver BC), “Numbers,” October, 2014 to September, 2015. A weekly news column in formal verse.

The Bastille (Paris), poem, “Prima Hora,” poem. Summer, 2013

The Awl (New York City), poems, “Letters to David Berman and John Hodgman,” epistolary poems. May 10, 2013. Four poems.

BackFencePDX (Portland), story, “Casa del Puchero.” June 21, 2012. Story on living with the Gypsies for celebrated storytelling series.

It’s Not Me, It’s You: Tales from the Dark Side of Dating (Oregon), story. “Electrocuted in a Guatemalan Shower.” January 13, 2012.

BlazeVOX (New York), poems, “Tahrir Square” (sonnet), “They Will Recover My Body” (elegy for Joe Brooks), “Contra Celsus” and “Some Angels of Europe and North America.” January 1, 2012. Four poems.

Cirque (Anchorage), poem, “On Moving to Paris to Start a Wan, Tubercular Literary Journal.” December, 2011. One poem.

nthposition (Paris), “Translations of four poems by Constantine Cavafy.” July 11, 2011. Translations of unpublished poems by the Greek poet, Constantine Cavafy.

ReadWriteWeb, valediction, “A Valediction: Forbidding Keynotes.” January 6, 2011. A valediction in rhyming tetrameter quatrains.

ReadWriteWeb, haiku, “An Examination, in Nine Haiku, of IBM’s Breakthrough in Racetrack Memory.” December, 2010. A series of nine haiku.

Protestpoems (UK), poems, “The Burning City,” “A Dream of New York” and “House of War.” October, 2010. Three poems.

Rhythm (Halifax, Canada), sonnet, “A New Jerusalem.” July, 2010. One poem.

Perceptions (Oregon), translation, “Autumn Day” (“Herbsttag”) by Rainer Maria Rilke. May, 2010. One translation.

ReadWriteWeb, “The Hirsch Conjecture, Disproved.” May, 2010. One sonnet.

Cirque (Anchorage), poem, “The Return of American Monster” (page 39). June 21, 2010. One poem.

Full of Crow (New York), poem, “Our ship shivers and splits on black rocks.” October, 2009. One poem.

Gloom Cupboard (UK-Texas), poems, “The Sod House” and “Two Visions of the Infinite in Seattle.” August 21, 2009. Two poems

3AM Magazine (London-Paris), poems, “October,” “In Liguria” and “What Is Existence.” June 5, 2009. Three poems.

BlazeVox (New York), poems, “Night and the Body,” “A Desert Place” and “San Bruno.” May 16, 2009. Three poems.

Cavafy Forum (journal of University of Michigan’s Modern Greek Studies department), essay, “Denying Julian.” December 23, 2008. Essay on the Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy.

Poetry As An Act of History (by Maria Rosa Menocal), translation, “La Guitarra.” September 18, 2008. Translation from the Spanish of a poem, “La Guitarra,” by Federico Garcia Lorca.

Asian American Times (Phoenix), translation, “La Guitarra.” January 3, 2008. Translation from the Spanish of a poem, “La Guitarra,” by Federico Garcia Lorca. [page 17]

Cavafy Archive (Athens), poem, “Reading Cavafy.” November 19, 2007. Poem about reading the Greek poet.

Good Foot (New York), poem, “This Incompetent Perfection.” 2006. Poem about death of Johnny Cash.

Dada (Italy), poems, “Daybook | The Oranges of Eurotas.” January 26, 2004. Two poems.

SPSM&H (Bakersfield), poem, “Hawaii.” 2003. Sonnet.

Bluelawn (Los Angeles), essay, “Cars and How to Listen for Them.” Personal essay.

Exquisite Corpse (New Orleans), play, “Mertz in Love.” December, 2000. A play.

Exquisite Corpse (New Orleans), fiction, “A Series of Perfectly Reasonable Morpheme Tales.” May, 2000. A series of tales.

Emergency Horse (Oregon), poem, “Vita.” January, 1992. Long poem.

Emergency Horse (Oregon), cartoon, “Winnie the Beet.” December, 1991-April, 1993.

Timberline (University of Oregon), sonnet.

Catalyst (Seattle), poem.

Big Talk (Oregon), poem.

For journalism, see Publications List.

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