1. Kelvin says:

    Would you consider this poem for publication?
    Like the jazz songstress
    Closes her eyes to become the song

    Like the old deacon
    Closes his eyes to become the prayer

    Like young lovers
    Close their eyes to become the kiss

    I lose myself into the night
    At the close of day

    1. Curt says:

      I had occasion to read this again today. If I did not say so explicitly before: This is a very, very good poem.

  2. Maggie Hillock says:

    Did you ever write the book you proposed in 2005 about following The Road to Oxiana in the footsteps of Robert Byron?

    1. Curt says:

      No, alas. I have a surprisingly steady track record of disinterest for all my proposals. I am beginning to suspect I am crap at book proposals. Or maybe my tastes are too faluting. HIGH faluting.

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