The Twittering Machine

I. Lobster ad lobster Aqua Thinktank and I are repurposing delphinium in a stranger’s bed. Taking my lobster, O. Ron Dismount, for a walk in the Palais Royal. Then, grabbing one with cheese. *wink* Bats are like mice that freak out over mounds. This according to a study published today in Nature by my associate,Continue reading “The Twittering Machine”


July 4th not long past, Wiferino and I watched the miniseries “John Adams” (from HBO) on dvd. It was excellent and inspired me to read David McCullough‘s “1776.” (Davey the M wrote the biography of Adams on which the miniseries was based.) In 1776, McCullough describes in great detail the Battle of Brooklyn and theContinue reading “USA! USA!”

Pruning the Overgrown Forest of Online ID

As someone who’s worked in and with social media for some time now, I have amassed accounts in dozens of services. I rarely use these services but they’re out there and eventually, recently, they started to exert a kind of mental gravity on me. I felt like I was “neglecting” them and that made meContinue reading “Pruning the Overgrown Forest of Online ID”