Need a Free Nonprofit Blog Host

Because I is a idiot, I was considering reawakening the beast that is, or rather was, the Committee to Protect Bloggers. To do this, I need a free blog host. OK, they’re common enough. But since my techno-eyes are always bigger than my techno-stomach, I need a host that would also be available for constantContinue reading “Need a Free Nonprofit Blog Host”

BlogSafer Has a WalkieTalkie

I added a YackPack WalkieTalkie widget to, the anonymous blogging wiki. With PBwiki you can drop it in as a plugin. Now, if you visit the site, you can talk with one another. I also put one in this blog’s sidebar. Update: I figured out how to put one on our co-located Chinese anonymousContinue reading “BlogSafer Has a WalkieTalkie”

Josh Wolf to Be Released from Prison

Josh Wolf, the SF-based video journalist who was stuck in federal prison when he wouldn’t hand over his video from a San Francisco protest at which a police car was damaged and an officer hurt, is being released, according to the Chronicle via Poynter and Eat the Press. According to the Chronicle, Wolf agreed toContinue reading “Josh Wolf to Be Released from Prison”

Ton of Bricks vs. Bloggers

Two awful stories prove that things are still bad for bloggers in oppressive countries. First, Yahoo. (And really, how could it not start with Yahoo?) Speaking with VOA’s Mandarin Service Wednesday after arriving in Washington, Yu Ling said Chinese police arrested her husband, Wang Xiaoning, partly because Yahoo’s Hong Kong office gave Chinese authorities informationContinue reading “Ton of Bricks vs. Bloggers”

Kareem Sentenced to Four Years in Egyptian Prison

Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman has been sentenced to four years in an Egyptian prison, three for “insulting Islam” and one for insulting Mubarak. Hey, remember when “Egypt” used to be synonymous with “civilization”? Yeah, me neither. Committee to Protect Bloggers supported Kareem when he was first imprisoned, then freed by the Egyptian authorities, even creating aContinue reading “Kareem Sentenced to Four Years in Egyptian Prison”

Blog Marketing Volunteer Needed for BlogSafer Project

Last year, I created BlogSafer under the auspices of the nonprofit organization Spirit of America. It’s a wiki with multiple anoniblog/safer blogging guides on it. There was no funding to really flog it like it needed once it was built, but with some effort (social bookmarking, manic pinging) I tripled the readership (a whole 30Continue reading “Blog Marketing Volunteer Needed for BlogSafer Project”

Free Abdolkarim

Please sign the Hamsa petition to free Egyptian blogger Abdolkarim Soliman. Here is information from Big Pharaoh on Abdolkarim’s first arrest. And here’s information from Sandmonkey on the latest. Here’s the Free Kareem site. Considering the tagging and search engine issues surrounding any campaign like this, someone may want to standardize the spelling of anyContinue reading “Free Abdolkarim”

Chinese Anonymous Blogging Guide

Some time ago I watched China fall off our stats as a country of origin for visitors to BlogSafer (aka anoniblog), our anonymous blogging wiki (with guides in English, Arabic, Persian and Chinese). It turns out that the wiki host we use, PBwiki, has been blocked in China. So, I recently reposted the Chinese guideContinue reading “Chinese Anonymous Blogging Guide”