Digitizing Shakespeare

Our world is currently characterized by digitization. On a daily basis we interact with digital tools and properties. However, if we think about digitization in general, we probably think about the big things first: communications (who writes letters these days?), transportation (how many times have we cursed at the computers that make our new carsContinue reading “Digitizing Shakespeare”

Plan for the Implementation of Social Software in Big Theatre

Most of what I’ve written on Big Theatre and the new information society has been critical. For those who’ve wondered whether I have anything constructive and affirmative to say, the answer is yes. I have a plan. This plan, by necessity, takes into account the various obstacles I’ve outlined, but is a positive plan forContinue reading “Plan for the Implementation of Social Software in Big Theatre”

Social Media Rollout for Theatre

Here is my list of social media that would be worth experimenting with for any theatre. The rollout is designed both to build skills, internally and externally, and acclimatize employees and audience members to this way of communicating. The order is designed so that one implementation would lay the groundwork for the next. Not everyContinue reading “Social Media Rollout for Theatre”

The Knowledge-is-Power Fiction

Big Theatre, perhaps moreso than most industries, is powered in part by a belief that knowledge is power. Theatre is to many the creation of artificial scarcity through the strategic release of proprietary information to the public. In an era where the public’s relationship to data has changed pronouncedly, this attitude can be a liability.Continue reading “The Knowledge-is-Power Fiction”

The Foundational Problem in Implementing Social Media in Big Theatre

Web pages, email and so forth are technologies that can be dovetailed into the traditional approach to communication, that is, top-down, broadcast communication. No one is really threatened by these technologies, just inconvenienced, because they support and further the traditional approach to communications and marketing. However, as has been catalogued numerous times by people withContinue reading “The Foundational Problem in Implementing Social Media in Big Theatre”

Age Trends and Diversity in Big Theatre

I once had the occasion to speak with a candidate for a marketing position at a large regional theatre. I asked this person what she would do to attract a greater number of young theatre-goers to the audience. To my surprise, she stated sweepingly that nothing could be done to accomplish this. Further, the notionContinue reading “Age Trends and Diversity in Big Theatre”

Blogging Interview with the House Theatre of Chicago

I recently interviewed Nathan Allen, the Artistic Director of the House Theatre of Chicago regarding their blog, which, as I’ve said previously, I regard as the best theatre company blog I’ve yet to find. Don’t blame Nathan for the slightly stilted sound of the interview. I reconstructed it from notes I made just for myself.Continue reading “Blogging Interview with the House Theatre of Chicago”