TV Pitch: The Siam Society

This is a hip, Thai cooking show featuring recipes, call-in, travel and history remotes, guests (non-cooking, Asian-American), DJs and bands (again, Asian-American or Asian), recorded in the swanky bar of Mekala’s Restaurant. Thai cuisine is the fourth most popular in America. It is also a “young” cuisine in the sense that people 40 and youngerContinue reading “TV Pitch: The Siam Society”

TV Pitch: Hell Hole

Let’s replace the fulsome eructations of E!’s “Celebrity Homes” and MTV’s “Cribs” with something closer to real life. Our Host, a person without a slavish devotion to either Architectural Digest or Vibe and with just a wee smidgen of common sense, takes the place of the bobble-head doll or the transparent pseudo-chum in front ofContinue reading “TV Pitch: Hell Hole”

TV PITCH: Dressing For Dinner

Thank goodness for blogging. What would I do with shit like this otherwise? *** Dressing For Dinner is a travel show that will take the viewer to exotic locations, both far-flung and close to home. What makes it unique is the fact that the Host, traveling with his manservant, Brooks, concludes each episode by ‘dressingContinue reading “TV PITCH: Dressing For Dinner”