A Geographical History of San Francisco

Since we moved back to San Francisco last year, I’ve been taking pictures of places of literary and artistic note in the city. I published a post on “literary life in North Beach” on my agency’s blog. This is an ongoing and less geographically restrictive diary of the city’s literary, artistic, scientific, and political history.Continue reading “A Geographical History of San Francisco”

Jetpack Journalism: In the Future, No One Will Blah Blah Blah

In the online world – software development, hardware, mobile, Web and Internet and writing about the preceding – there is a terrible trend to announce the utter replacement of something old by a new technology. Are these pronouncements a result of lack of perspective, or of judgment, a desire to be a part of somethingContinue reading “Jetpack Journalism: In the Future, No One Will Blah Blah Blah”

Poetry vs. Blogging

Fussing around and constantly botching then trying to fix the formatting and standardize the tagging of my translations of Lorca’s Poema del Cante Jondo is sucking every trace of joy out of it. Blogging has become tedious anyway. All of you pie-eyed Englishmen looking for “naked bums*” (98 out of every 100 visitors to this blog) willContinue reading “Poetry vs. Blogging”

Netvibes Has High Utility-to-Blind Rage Ratio

I’m not an “early adopter.” I rarely listen to podcasts. I don’t check email on my cell phone. I think Jeff Jarvis was right in saying that the providers of blogging software and services have not gotten their products to a point where a user need not worry about technical issues. Of course, the otherContinue reading “Netvibes Has High Utility-to-Blind Rage Ratio”