Ainadamar: A Best Seller

People keep requesting a copy of my satirical science fiction novel, Ainadamar. It makes sense. It’s sensible. That is, it’s not unreasonable someone should want to read about a vampire, lady barbarian and giant kitty going back in time to save Federico Garcia Lorca in order to arrest entropy and save the world. Is it?Continue reading “Ainadamar: A Best Seller”

Preface: “Ayn al-Dam”

[From Ainadamar: First Flight of the Madrugada] Pablo de las Casas kneeled on the damp ground. He reached out and touched it with an open palm, then looked up to the Ayn al-Dam, the “fountain of tears.” The invaders had coarsened its name, like they had coarsened so many things, mispronouncing it Ainadamar. Its glassyContinue reading “Preface: “Ayn al-Dam””