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10 Best Records of the 80s

In Rock and/or roll on May 11, 2009 at 9:26 pm

The Eighties

  1. Double Nickels on the Dime | Minutemen
  2. Zen Arcade | Husker Du
  3. Fire of Love | Gun Club
  4. Meat Puppets II | Meat Puppets
  5. Hallowed Ground | Violent Femmes
  6. Telephone Free Landslide Victory | Camper Van Beethoven
  7. Los Angeles | X
  8. Free, Drunk and Horny | Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
  9. Fishbone | Fishbone
  10. Over the Edge | The Wipers
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RIP, Lux Interior

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I only found out tonight that Lux Interior died last week. Lux was very cool to me, a young journalist and punk rock fan, when I interviewed him for a profile on Miami New Times. I wondered if it were still online and found out it was. I think Psychotronic Reaction is the best story I ever wrote. I meant every word. The world is not as good now that Lux is gone.


by Curt Hopkins
For the Miami New Times
March 5, 1998

Currently being posited as an alternative to the mournful noisy rock out of the suddenly loathed Northwest are all kinds of Good-time Joe’s Toe-Tappin’ Jug Band-type nonsense — as though the opposite of morbidly paralyzing introspection were witless grinnin’. Well, there’s another option that has yet to be seriously considered: kicks.

Kicks can be innocent and beautiful, they can be ugly, creepy, or dangerous, but they have no place in the Mall of America and they don’t belong in city hall. Kicks are where you find them and you often find them underground. That’s where the Cramps live.

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