The Dot Product Engine

One of the most common computational actions today is matrix multiplication, mathematical functions across columns of figures. One of the most popular expressions of this is object recognition and another is large-scale optimization and the location of global minima. But this action is very compute-intensive. Add to this the data flood from edge devices rangingContinue reading “The Dot Product Engine”

AI: promises and perils

A Q&A with HPE’s Dr. Eng Lim Goh on AI, ethics, and the future Dr. Eng Lim Goh, vice president and chief technology officer for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has spent his career considering what machines can do, what they might do, and what they shouldn’t do. As AI hasContinue reading “AI: promises and perils”

4 obstacles to ethical AI (and how to address them)

Data bias, opacity, data monopoly, and job loss are issues that plague the field of artificial intelligence. Here are some simple solutions to these problems. The past several years have seen a dramatic swell in development of—and discussion about—artificial intelligence. Many of these conversations have a teleological bent: AI will kill us all. Or AIContinue reading “4 obstacles to ethical AI (and how to address them)”

(Series) Toward a New Data-Based Economy

In part one of this series, “Data is the new currency,” we talked about the shift in technology and business strategy from making things to knowing things. In part two, “The smart city is the data economy made manifest,” we investigate how a company will have to alter what they do to thrive in this new environment.Continue reading “(Series) Toward a New Data-Based Economy”

The sounds of North Beach

We recently took a walk through Ready State’s neighborhood, San Francisco’s North Beach, in the morning, at midday, and in the evening, to capture the area’s signature sounds. Those sounds, in the order you hear them, are the Chinese pop music that tai chi practitioners play in the morning in Washington Square; the bells ofContinue reading “The sounds of North Beach”

Beyond the greeting card: A visual interview

The creativity bunker of Jodi Wing, design director here at Ready State, is stuffed with a cityscape’s worth of whirring, sparking, and futuristic technology. Her tools range from a CAT scanner to a 3D printer to an Occulus to a homemade Matrioshka brain. Tech aside, Jodi has retained one tool from the beginning of herContinue reading “Beyond the greeting card: A visual interview”

Conversational AI and the rise of the chatbots

You can hardly turn on the television news, pull a magazine off a rack in a doctor’s office, or check out your social media without being confronted by a discussion about artificial intelligence. Whether the writer or talking head is decrying the imminent robot apocalypse or celebrating our deep-learning-based salvation, most of the coverage hasContinue reading “Conversational AI and the rise of the chatbots”