Federico Garcia Lorca’s Birthday is Today

Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca is one of my favorite poets. I even followed his ghost to his city, Granada, Spain. There, I lived with my wife and a guitarist friend, in a cave in the Gypsy part of town Lorca visited so often while he lived, the Sacromonte. On the occasion of his birthday, here isContinue reading “Federico Garcia Lorca’s Birthday is Today”

Deleting Lorca

I deleted my translations from Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Poema del Cante Jondo.” The editors of online magazines get their panties in a bunch when something you’ve submitted is on your two-bit blog. *shrug* I’ve left up the non-Cante Jondo Lorca translations along with “La guitarra,” which was used in Menocal’s monograph (and the Asian AmericanContinue reading “Deleting Lorca”