Daily Constitutional #2: Petard Ditch Loop

Today I went back to the Jacksonville Woodlands to do the Petard Ditch Loop, a 1 1/2 mile hike that starts at Rich Gulch, which I covered here. To get to the trailhead, either hike up to Rich Gulch as I described in that post, or drive further up Oregon Street to the streetside trailheadContinue reading “Daily Constitutional #2: Petard Ditch Loop”

Daily Constitutional #1: Jacksonville Woodlands, Rich Gulch

Although it’s not a great photo, this place, the Jacksonville Woodlands, is my favorite place to hike. It’s a rink of privately-acquired (though publicly accessible) woods surrounding the historic town of Jacksonville, Oregon, where part of my family is from. I wrote up my favorite hike there as a sample for a column I wasContinue reading “Daily Constitutional #1: Jacksonville Woodlands, Rich Gulch”

100 Peaks Over 7,800 Feet in Oregon

Some time ago I came across a great article by Jeff Howbert on the Mazamas’ web site. (The Mazamas are a 113-year old Northwest mountain-climbing organization.) Want to make a couple of quick bucks? Here’s a bar bet almost any Washington climber should jump at. The conversation would go something like this…After swapping lies forContinue reading “100 Peaks Over 7,800 Feet in Oregon”

Crater Lake Fees Doubling?

According to Kurt Repanshek of National Park Traveler, Crater Lake National Park intends to double its entrance fee to $20.00. Several years ago when I first started researching an article on Oregon’s only national park, one of the administrators told me that the park had a hellish maintenance backlog and had begun to cut ranger-ledContinue reading “Crater Lake Fees Doubling?”

Cooper Spur & Mt. Hood: Keep the Gremlins Off the Hill

A couple of years back I wrote to Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman David Wu to complain about plans to develop the most beautiful part of Mt. Hood, Cooper Spur. A company, Meadows North, LCC, an affiliate of Mt. Hood Meadows ski area, had plans to develop the area into yet another gargantuan Gortex hellhole.Continue reading “Cooper Spur & Mt. Hood: Keep the Gremlins Off the Hill”