Ainadamar: Chapter Fourteen


This is the fourteenth chapter of my novel, “Ainadamar, or The Fountain of Tears: The First Flight of the Madrugada.” It details the adventures of a spaceship called the Madrugada, crewed by a Bulgarian space vampire, a lady barbarian, a 17th century French mountebank, a shape-shifting chef, a giant kitty, an empath, Morgan La Fey, an octopus surgeon, a cowboy, and the early 20th century Spanish Republican poet and martyr, Federico Garcia Lorca. I publish a new chapter each week. To read other chapters, click on the category Ainadamar.

Chapter Fourteen

To Parcleta

Leave taking was joyous and solemn. Tu Madre’s crew had lost Heino. The Gypsies had lost Manolín’s and Antonio’s cousin Luis. But there was also the sense that, although history was unlikely to record it, a great disaster had been avoided and they had been instrumental in that. The curse that had begun when the Spaniards dug up the box had been hi-jacked by the Glyphomancer. Stopping him had short-circuited the curse as well.