Nature's Oystering Fellowship

1. Cripled pope parade
2. dumpster relish
3. Nice girl bellows lap
4. fortunate foreskin
5. amniotic French dip
6. Burgeoning concrete sex factor
7. artifical gattling gun
8. Nepalese cracker songbook
9. fingering horn cud
10. Presbyterian lipshit syntax
11. Diabetic alphabet sex
12. bolivian pocket swuirrel
13. Hope chest tailbone collection
13. stapled nipple method
13. waxed penile butter ducts
13. spleen buggy
13. barnyard monk
13. Banjo mortician
13. shelf barf
13. I am my own butt cheese…Jesus?
13. bangledesh gardening storage tin prick
13. Germanic swingset lunchplate
13. ferocious ambiguity seminar
13. hang-nail nun
13. slingshot squid stain
13. the angry nun’s nut clippers
13. Fenian earlobe file cabinet
13. sporting fag hairs
13. cast statue precipitate
13. Monk bang
13. Tropic of Carmelcorn
13. Fruit dish Nazi portrait
13. homogenized elephant blister wallow
13. homosexual mongoloid funbarn shenanigans
13. eventual cattle plea

New Forms Of Home, Family And "Domesticity" Are Memorized By The Dessert


1.  Peloponnesian grunt truck
2.  Toenail barter
3.  Technical jello snatch
4.  Wily persimmons
5.  Marshmallow toilet paper
6.  The stain on my lightswitch
7.  In Marm’s way
8.  Insecure pig thighs
9.  Nietzsche’s breakfast treats
10.  I jimmied the lock on the rainbow trout
11.  Genius margarine plate
12.  Uncle Fester’s goo-bag
13.  Margarine’s own little somebody
13.  Lipstick racist
13.  Stamp the meat
13.  Anasazi vegetarian head-dress
13.  Whole lotta cake walkin’
13.  What the tapeworm said
13.  Coffee whizz in a thimble
13.  Gap-tooth plebicite meat squeezer
13.  Hey, the kumquats make really swell eyeglasses!
13.  The Bithynian dirt scroll
13.  Piss like a racecourse
13.  Second knuckle once removed
13.  Squeal like an ashtray
13.  Return the genius to his crawlspace
13.  Sincere nostril
13.  Low quality nostril too

Prettily Blue Bus

1.  illuminated twister-berry freak out
2. Cacophonic malais of premeated tendrils
3.  Anglo-Saxon water-pic
4.  spunky but press newspaper clipping
5.  forced plastic crumbcake
6.  Typogrpahical filopian postcard
7.  Forgetful porthole
8.  The chucklin’ Mary
9.  rectal handlebars
10.  Carbunkles
11.  Daily orange rind
13.  post-tractor agreement
13.  smoked scrotal gouda
13.  primal scream therapy in a thimble of concentrated hydrochloric acid
13.  sweat sock punch
13.  invincible ink
13.  sad, flaccid little rodent specialist
13.  Pricetags on Mars
13.  Lutheran earwax
13.  compromising Munchkin bookmobile day
13.  Let’s play Hide-the-Mayonaisse
13.  Please Lord let me die without this eggplant
13.  Born to chum
13.  Chumley’s dork is removed albeit accidentally
13.  Slipped and backed into a cucumber, which rammed itself (accidentally) up my
13.  Pachouli scented plaid
13.  tie-dyed prostate
13.  Pumpkin, Pumpkin, whose got the pumpkin?

The Round Fortitude, Notably

1.  Klondike Druid Farm
2.  Unlikely Negroes
3.  Rooty-tooty fresh and headless
4.  Mixing up the arm bones
5.  California disarmament jamboree
6.  Launching some butt chocolate
7.  Renegade monkey with some fish sticks
8.  Swamp Thing backwash
9.  Bursting titty symposium
10.  Boner of the century
11.  Bozo hangs himself and gets a boner
12.  Newt boner
13.  Sinister hair-chunk poloroid scalpel
14.  Supernatural beet snack
13.  Antiseptic skillet formation
14.  Ominous squirrel perimeter
13.  Pocket triangle numerology for the damaged
13.  Mon Dieu!  I have eaten my own foot!
13.  A tall glass of onion juice and kitty whiskers
14.  Malibu Barbie in a drum
15.  Abdul’s hairy butt twat
13.  The pot calling the negro black
12.  Portentious nine iron
13.  Petroleum jelly donut
13.  Scallopini daydream
13.  Lamborghini extract
alt:  Keebler elf damage (level)

The Round Fortitude, Notably

1. Klondike Druid Farm
2. Unlikely Negroes
3. Rooty-tooty fresh and headless
4. Mixing up the arm bones
5. California disarmament jamboree
6. Launching some butt chocolate
7. Renegade monkey with some fish sticks
8. Swamp Thing backwash
9. Bursting titty symposium
10. Boner of the century
11. Bozo hangs himself and gets a boner
12. Newt boner
13. Sinister hair-chunk Polaroid scalpel
14. Super natural beet snack
13. Antiseptic skillet formation
14. Ominous squirrel perimeter
13. Pocket triangle numerology for the damaged
13. Mon Dieu! I have eaten my own foot!
13. A tall glass of onion juice and kitty whiskers
14. Malibu Barbie in a drum
15. Abdul’s hairy butt that
13. The pot calling the Negro black
12. Portentous nine iron
13. Petroleum jelly donut
13. Scaloppini daydream
13. Lamborghini extract
alt: Keebler elf damage (level)

New Forms of Home, Family, and “Domesticity” are Memorized by the Dessert

1. Klondike Druid Farm
2. Keebler elf damage-level
3. Malibu Barbie in a drum
4. Wily persimmons
5. Marshmallow toilet paper
6. The stain on my lightswitch
7. Ominous squirrel perimeter
8. Antiseptic skillet formation
9. Nietzsche’s breakfast treats
10. I jimmied the lock on the rainbow trout
11. Rooty-tooty fresh and headless
12. Renegade monkey with some fish sticks
13. Lipstick racist
13. Mixing up the arm bones
13. Vulcan Fun truck
13. Whole lotta cake walkin’
13. What the tapeworm said
14. The Bithynian dirt scroll
15. Second knuckle once removed
16. Squeal like an ashtray
17. California disarmament jamboree
13. Return the genius to his crawlspace