Numbers: my weekly news column in verse

My weekly column on news in verse, “Numbers,” has debuted in The Cryptosphere. Each week I’ll be reviewing a trend or event in the news. In metrical verse. Although the approach is exceedingly unusual these days — in fact, I believe Numbers is the only weekly poetic treatment of news currently being published (if you know of anyContinue reading “Numbers: my weekly news column in verse”

US and China Staging Cyber War Games – Together

There has been a great deal of tension apparent between the U.S. and China, the former accusing the latter of repeated instances of electronic espionage and the latter fearing the former as an aggressive power in the mold of the Opium War powers. Well, apparently the distrust between the two countries isn’t as deep asContinue reading “US and China Staging Cyber War Games – Together”

Tales from the Crip : The Emergency Horse Interview with John Callahan

John Callahan died this week. The first interview I ever did was with him, way back in 1918 I think it was, for a little magazine called “Emergency Horse” which I ran with some friends. In honor of his git up ‘n’ go havin’ gotten up and gint, I’m linking this post to a .pdfContinue reading “Tales from the Crip : The Emergency Horse Interview with John Callahan”

My Profile of Comedian Greg Behrendt

Greg Behrendt ’91, a comedian and writer probably best known for his relationship-heavy standup act and his book, He’s Just Not That Into You, describes his coming unto comedy as “a really long, slow car crash.” When he arrived at the UO, it was to study business. He joined the rugby team and he joinedContinue reading “My Profile of Comedian Greg Behrendt”

My Afternoon with the Commandante

[This was an interview I did with the Secretary General of the FMLN in El Salvador in 2003 during the legislative elections that year. It was conducted at the FMLN headquarters in San Salvador. A version was published in the LatinAmerican Press. It doesn’t seem to be on the site anymore.] Since El Salvador’s civilContinue reading “My Afternoon with the Commandante”

Interview with Dr. Susan Rice

Several years ago, I conducted this interview with the Brookings Institution’s Dr. Susan Rice, formerly Undersecretary of State for Africa in the Clinton Administration, now the United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations, for Newsweek International. The commissioning editor then told me that the incoming editor, Fareed Zakaria, had decided only to the feature “newsmakers”Continue reading “Interview with Dr. Susan Rice”

Letter to the Editor

Dear Flan Iliescu, I called you last night but you were out selling werewolf costumes to Albanian immigrants freezing tripe in garbage bags in horizontal freezers to vend at dawn to an unsuspecting alphabetic public heavy on sentimentality and low on milk. Ballard echoes with revolutionary enthusiasms. Clients of Kidder Peabody donate nine-irons and statuesContinue reading “Letter to the Editor”