A Moment of Gambler’s Clarity

My friend Joe Brooks and I wrote this script for a short film some years back, after a trip to Vegas. I’m not sure where the title character came from. But I’m pretty sure he’s real. *** Note on characters:  Guy is a man.  Brent Huffman, on the other hand is a stuffed peccary mountedContinue reading “A Moment of Gambler’s Clarity”

Excerpts from News is Entertainment and Entertainment is Work

In honor of the passing of my friend, I am republishing my Joe posts These are excerpts from “News is Entertainment and Entertainment is Work,” which was built out of email exchanges with my friends, including Joe. Oh, man — “Segway.” Jesus. Joe, tell them your know how to “rite” like “kreyzee” “cuhz” “U” “A”Continue reading “Excerpts from News is Entertainment and Entertainment is Work”