Islamic Anti-Terror Petition

Karim, at One Arab World, has started a remarkable petition directed at the Muslim religious community. It says, in part:

Firmly believing in Allah’s divine mercy and compassion, and sharing his love for all his creatures, the undersigned members of the peace loving and moderate majority of Muslims, revolted and repulsed by blasphemous bloodshed in Allah’s name, reject as un-Islamic conduct all acts of terrorism including but not limited to: * school bus attack at Nahariya/Avivim (1970) which killed nine innocent children
* Ma’alot massacre (1974)
* Karni crossing bombing (2005)
* World Trade Center attacks
* Madrid rail bombing
* London rail bombing
* Beslan massacre
* genocide in Darfur
* Bali night club bombings
* decapitation of Danny Pearl
* decapitation of Nick Berg

We condemn, regardless of the identity of the victims, terrorism in all its forms, bombings, shootings, knifings, hijackings, abductions and mass casualty attacks because they do unjust injury to innocent people and irreparable damage to Islam.

We call for the exclusion of incitement to terrorist violence from our madrassah curriculum, kittab & kutbah and from the mass media of all Islamic nations.

We call for withholding Zakat from all organizations which teach, incite, facilitate or organize & perform acts of terrorism.

It’s unequivocal. May G-d bless everyone who signs it.

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Let’s Help Jill Carroll

Jill's Entry on Wikipedia

From the Committee to Protect Bloggers:

Jill Carroll, a freelance reporter working for the Christian Science Monitor newspaper, was kidnapped in Baghdad over two months ago. All indications are that she is still alive. The Monitor has started a campaign, using Iraqi television, to distribute a video asking for Iraqis to help find and free Jill.Jill is not a blogger but she’s got that spirit. She’s an independent intellect who is fascinated by the world and has a desire to speak what she sees. So let’s not leave it up to the newspapers and television stations. She’s ours as much as theirs.

So, I would like to ask every blogger who gives a damn about individual human life and the individual human voice, to post a link to this video on their blog, to blog about Jill and to pass along our concern to friends, family and other bloggers. Of greatest import are Iraqi blogs and blogs in the Arabic and Muslim worlds that may be read by people in a position to do good for Jill.

Here’s a link to the Jill Carroll video.

And here is the CSM’s feed for their Jill page.

Let’s tag these posts “blogjill.”

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Oregon Human Rights and Anti-Genocide Act of 2005

According to Sudan Activism Blog:

The Oregon House unanimously passed the Oregon Human Rights and Anti-Genocide Act of 2005 (SB 1089) which divests the state of Oregon from Sudan.

The bill now goes back to the Senate for a procedural concurrence vote before it heads to the Governor. Some amendments were made in the House with input from the Treasurers office that are designed to protect his fiduciary responsibilities as well as the industry standards of prudence and productivity. With the amendments, the Treasurer testified in strong support of the bill. Chief sponsors of the bill include Representative Peter Buckley (D-Ashland), Representative Brian Boquist (R-Dallas), Senator Avel Gordly (D-Portland), Senator Margaret Carter (D-Portland) and Senator Ben Westlund (R-Tumalo).

If the Governor signs the bill, Oregon will be only the second state to divest from Sudan.

You know what to do, you bunch of filthy, matted, dope-addled hand puppets.

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JAG Knows Better on Guantanamo

There’s a great post by Adam on the memos sent in 2003 by the Judge Advocate Generals of the Armed Forces condemning “extraordinary” methods of interrogation and confinement.

As Son of Regular Navy, it doesn’t suprise me that the military men and women were the ones to blow the whistle on this bullshit. It takes a Uniform Queen with a military fetish to play make-believe like this administration has. Military men and women by-and-large (and Abu Ghraib notwithstanding) know better. They know what they’re fighting for.

Arab Shame, German Shame

There is a lot of talk about how the shame and humiliation of the Arabs (at the hands of history, at the foot of the colonizer, by the Western world) is a contributing factor to the creation of the modern Arab terrorist. This motivation is not restricted to the Middle East, however, as I was reminded on reading an interesting article in the magazine Transitions Online. The article is called “Blind to the Truth” by Tobias Vogel.

The article decribes and analyzes the transformation, over the last decade, of the well-known German writer Peter Handke into a Serbian apologist. What strikes me most about this transformation, in addition to his old-fashioned naziesque “mysticism,” is his sense of shame and humiliation for Germany. Regarding the former point, Vogel says, “Handke always seemed to have a more withdrawn side and a penchant for mysticism. When these tendencies found their application in politics, disaster was preordained.”

When it comes to the latter-point, I don’t even think the hate has anything to do with actual Jews (perhaps it never does). I think he trots out the Jew as a symbol for him of the shame and humliation he thinks his nation has endured, out of the blue, unearned, unfair. And how, look how it’s all happening over again — and to him no less (his mother is Slovenian).

“There is not a people in Europe in this century which has had to endure what the Serbs have had to put up with for five, or more, eight, years,” he told his audience. “There are no categories for this. There are categories and concepts for the Jews. You can talk about that. But with the Serbs, it is a tragedy for no reason, a scandal.”

He seems to believe: First, Germany was “forbidden” to talk about Jews in that certain way. Now, Serbia is treated to the same “international” treatment that was solely responsible for Germany’s enduring shame and humliation. Germany, he seems to think, was both the victim (as Serbia is now) and that victims (aside from Germany and its shadow Serbia) are guilty of their own victimization (Jews then by Germany, Bosnians now by Serbia).

The idea that the primary victims of the conflict had somehow brought all this misery upon themselves had been abandoned by most serious intellectuals by the time of Srebrenica, and they tended to remain quiet for the rest of the war. They understood something Handke still doesn’t get, after all these years.

Handke is motivated by another of the same forces attributed to Arab terrorists. “What seems to animate his relentless denunciation of Western responses to the Balkan slaughter is his hatred of the modern world,” says Vogel.

Hatred and fear of “internationalism” (code for the imagined cabal of intellectuals, homosexuals and collectivists led by Jews), of modernism and of the sinister Other, powers Handke’s “critique” of the Western response to the Balkans. Handke’s is a siege mentality. He’s manning the barricades.

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Microsoft is assisting the Chinese government in muzzling the Chinese people. It has configured its MSN Spaces blogging software and service to ban words such as “freedom” and “democracy.”

MS’s prominent blogger, Robert Scoble, sacrifices in one fell swoop, every last hint of his credibility with this cheap PR weasel-bark.

It is deftly swept aside not only by Rebecca MacKinnon, a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman center and nine-year resident of China as Beijing bureau chief for CNN; but by every credible Chinese blogger as well.

Thankfully, Bennett Haselton has hacked a way out of MSN’s censorship.


James Brandon’s article in the Christian Science Monitor on Yemeni Judge Hamoud al-Hitar describes something you never hear these days: the triumph of patient but strong-minded reason over mania and vengeance. Al-Hitar has argued many Yemeni Al-Qaeda members out of their reductive view of Islam.