A Geographical History of San Francisco

Since we moved back to San Francisco last year, I’ve been taking pictures of places of literary and artistic note in the city. I published a post on “literary life in North Beach” on my agency’s blog. This is an ongoing and less geographically restrictive diary of the city’s literary, artistic, scientific, and political history.Continue reading “A Geographical History of San Francisco”

The Elegance of Technology

From the Theban Mapping Project website. Update: There’s been a significant update to the Theban Mapping Project. *** Modern technology? Eh. It’s poetry I’m after. But there are times, rare certainly, when the meshing of computer technology and the humanities is nothing less than elegant. The most recent example of this is in Egyptology. It’sContinue reading “The Elegance of Technology”

Foods from the Bible

Here is a list of all the foods I could find mentioned in the Bible (Tanakh and New Testament). Fruit Apple / apricot? Pomegranate Melon Citron Date Fig Grapes (raisin) (cake) (wine) (vinegar) (generally all) Vegetables Olive (olive oil) Cucumber Leek Onion Garlic Corn (generally all green, all with seeds) Grains Wheat Barley Millet SpeltContinue reading “Foods from the Bible”