Missing Jon

Wiferino was playing Sorry. Missing my friend Jon today.

easley sorry crown_heights

Dogmatika, the Scottish|Irish online literature magazine, is publishing my sonnet about Jon, “October.” I’ll post a link when it’s up.

Half Moon Equine Herbals

Half Moon Equine Herbals
It’s a horsey, you East Coast monsters.

My friend Joe and his wife Spirit, who have a fixation with horses and mules, despite the fact they eat human flesh*, have made official something they’ve done for some time. They now have a site and a name, Halfmoon Equine Herbals, and a blog, Herbs for Equines, and are offering their herbal horse and mule supplements for sale to the general public. (Ain’t no horsie like a West Coast horsie cause a West Coast horsie don’t stop.)

You’re a horse, you take them, you’re coat’s shiny. End of story.

*The horses, not the people. Look it up.

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Ian’s Plethora

My friend Ian, in addition to having a website devoted to the philosophy of science, Project Genesis, has now gone hog wild on blogs. He’s got them for poetry (very nice stuff too, very unusual and attractive) at Star Poems; on various things, including a sound file of one of Ian’s bulerias (a flamenco guitar mode) at Art of Peace; on nature at Tuning In With Nature; on mathematics at Math System of Ian Beardsley; on the golden ratio at Golden Ratio And The Wind That Blew; and on general science at Micro Connect Macro.


Real Estate Blogging

Today, at the invitation of my friend Brian Schartz, I visited the offices of the John L. Scott Real Estate firm in Eugene, Oregon to teach him and his partners how to blog.

Brian, along with Elliott Braaten and Bill Skillern run a related separate business called EugeneREO.

They all wanted to take a step out and start blogging. The real estate sector in the area has yet to embrace blogging and these guys wanted to be out in front.

Check out their blogs and let them know what you think.

Brian’s blog: Realty Check
Elliott’s blog: Real Estate Solutions
Bill’s blog: Real Estate Advisor

Looks like Elliott’s already leapt into the saddle.

In the comings weeks we hope to assist them in making their blogs more robust and in positioning them so that the maximum amount of readers, buyers and sellers can take advantage of their experience.

White Hot Odyssey

Rock star and jeune file Steve Perry has started a blog at White Hot Odyssey for your delectation. Here, as the Count, Steve and various and crafty minions fire nonsense canons at the dark rubber mouth of the night. Tout suite.

Steve claims to not be that Steve Perry from Journey, though he is. As is Joe Perry the Steve Perry from the erstwhile Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. Dulcet and euphonious? I’ll say.