“How Much for the Blogger?” Join the Facebook Effort to Save Kareem’s Life

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Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer finished his unjust sentence on November 5. Instead of being released the SSI, the Egyptian secret police, essentially kidnapped him and have been holding him illegally and beating him constantly for over a week. Kareem has already served four years for thinking critically about religion and politics on his blog. The authorities cannot hold him legally any more so it looks like they are trying to kill him outright.

Help get Kareem freed before it’s too late. We have begun a Facebook-based campaign, How Much for the Blogger? The reason we’ve chosen Facebook is because of its immense popularity, especially within Egypt. It is also immediately accessible. We encourage you to write to Egyptian officials and ambassadors in your country too, but the Facebook program is crucial.

See below the fold for the entire statement and more links and instructions.


Twitter Experiments: Indie Games Con, Twitter4Kareem

In addition to I’m With the Press, my aggregation of all the mainstream general news Twitter accounts into one (and accompanying survey of the news media’s use of the tool), I’m doing a couple more “Twitter experiments.”

First, next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I and some coworkers are going to cover the Indie Games Con via Twitter exclusively. To get up dates, follow the GarageGames account. If you’re attending the IGC and would like to take part, visit GarageBlog for more details.

Also, a month from today, the Committee to Protect Bloggers, along with FreeKareem.org, are sponsoring Twitter4Kareem, a way of memorializing the one-year anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of an Egyptian blogger. If you’d like to take part in this, read the CPB post to find out how.

Free Kareem Site Hacked

Esra’a told me (posted here) that all the sites associated with Free Kareem.org, to get Kareem Amer out of Egyptian jail where he’s been put due to critical comments on his blog, have been hacked. The main site’s back up but they’re still recovering data and the feeds don’t work.

I wonder who did the hack? It seemed like a lot of work. I wonder how much the hackers were supported by the Egyptian government, if they weren’t actual employees.

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