A New Jersey Yankee in the Court of the Bar-B-Que King

Last night on our way to see our grandson wrestle in Shelby, North Carolina we stopped at Alston Bridges Bar-B-Q.  We had been looking forward to eating here as its one of the few Western Carolina barbecue restaurants influenced by Warner Stamey.  Our disappointment ran high.  The barbecue slaw was good as were the hushContinue reading “A New Jersey Yankee in the Court of the Bar-B-Que King”

Translating The Worm: Irony Apropos

By P. Queneau Throughout the mystery of life and love there has been a single common denominator. A nocturnal one, to be sure, but a denominator nonetheless. One suggests that we think of Bob Folder as the point where the ideal relationship meets: a ritual bonfire of simultaneous message and meaning. All of our realContinue reading “Translating The Worm: Irony Apropos”

Introduction to the Poetry of Bob Folder

By P. Queneau The salvation of the poetic sensibility is in our state. With the discovery of Bob Folder we have, unleashed upon us, the semantic equivalent of the Gatling gun at the Battle of Syracuse. One instantly recalls Professor Creasy’s third-favorite slaughter for its metaphoric pronunciation of the fundamental hypothesis that events of controversialContinue reading “Introduction to the Poetry of Bob Folder”

“Denying Julian” Published on the Cavafy Forum

Cavafy My essay on the Constantine P. Cavafy’s Julian the Apostate poems has been published on the University of Michigan’s Cavafy Forum online journal. Cavafy is a Greek Alexandrian modernist who worked around the turn of the 20th century. The Julian poems are a series of historical poems about the last pagan emperor of Rome.Continue reading ““Denying Julian” Published on the Cavafy Forum”