Egyptian Torturers Have Arrested Another Blogger

Now that I don’t have to be politic, having given up on the Committee to Protect Bloggers, I am free to ask: What in G-d’s name is wrong with these witless fucks?

Here’s Sandmonkey’s post, complete and unedited.

It’s War

As you can read here Alaa has been arrested , and the situation is turning bleaker by the minute. Given what the egyptian police is like , and how they wanted to hurt Alaa for quite a while now, I don’t think it’s wise to wait until they decide what THEY want to do with him. The fight should start immedietly.

The contact information for the Egyptian embassy is below:
The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
3521 International Ct. NW
Washington DC 20008
Phone (202) 895 5400
Fax (202) 244 5131
(202) 244 4319

E-mail them, send them letters, harrass them. The last time you did that we got Abdel Karim released. I am not joking when I tell you that I had information from a source inside that this is the only reason they released him. Too much pressure by the average american and european. The egyptian government is cowardly, they will sucumb to pressure. Tell them that you find his detainment and arrest unacceptable. That you will not set foot in this country, and will tell every friend of yours never to visit Egypt, unless Alaa and the other detainees are released immedietly. That a government that throws people in jail for freedom of speech is not one that will get your money. Tell everyone you know and spread the word. In the words of Tigerhawk: Release the Hounds.

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Islamic Anti-Terror Petition

Karim, at One Arab World, has started a remarkable petition directed at the Muslim religious community. It says, in part:

Firmly believing in Allah’s divine mercy and compassion, and sharing his love for all his creatures, the undersigned members of the peace loving and moderate majority of Muslims, revolted and repulsed by blasphemous bloodshed in Allah’s name, reject as un-Islamic conduct all acts of terrorism including but not limited to: * school bus attack at Nahariya/Avivim (1970) which killed nine innocent children
* Ma’alot massacre (1974)
* Karni crossing bombing (2005)
* World Trade Center attacks
* Madrid rail bombing
* London rail bombing
* Beslan massacre
* genocide in Darfur
* Bali night club bombings
* decapitation of Danny Pearl
* decapitation of Nick Berg

We condemn, regardless of the identity of the victims, terrorism in all its forms, bombings, shootings, knifings, hijackings, abductions and mass casualty attacks because they do unjust injury to innocent people and irreparable damage to Islam.

We call for the exclusion of incitement to terrorist violence from our madrassah curriculum, kittab & kutbah and from the mass media of all Islamic nations.

We call for withholding Zakat from all organizations which teach, incite, facilitate or organize & perform acts of terrorism.

It’s unequivocal. May G-d bless everyone who signs it.

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Petition for Imprisoned Egyptian Blogger

From CPB:

Please sign this new petition asking the Egyptian Interior ministry to free Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman, currently in an Egyptian jail for his critical blogging.While you’re at it, don’t forget to sign the petition for the blogger Omid Sheikhan who has been sentenced to 1.5 years in an Iranian jail and 124 lashes.

Don’t forget to sign the petition for Mojtaba Saminejad, either, who is languishing in the general population of an Iranian jail for daring to express his opinion on his blog.

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