Leadership in the Leaderless Uprisings

I was reading Evgeny Morozov’s essay in Bookforum, “How Much Did Social Media contribute to Revolution in the Middle East.” In it, he says the following as regards an argument Malcolm Gladwell had made. “To refute ([his argument] that the Internet can be an effective tool for political change when used by grassroots organizations asContinue reading “Leadership in the Leaderless Uprisings”

The Elegance of Technology

From the Theban Mapping Project website. Update: There’s been a significant update to the Theban Mapping Project. *** Modern technology? Eh. It’s poetry I’m after. But there are times, rare certainly, when the meshing of computer technology and the humanities is nothing less than elegant. The most recent example of this is in Egyptology. It’sContinue reading “The Elegance of Technology”

Free Kareem Site Hacked

Esra’a told me (posted here) that all the sites associated with Free Kareem.org, to get Kareem Amer out of Egyptian jail where he’s been put due to critical comments on his blog, have been hacked. The main site’s back up but they’re still recovering data and the feeds don’t work. I wonder who did theContinue reading “Free Kareem Site Hacked”

Open Letter to Loic

Parisian wigglers at a bar in the Bastille, by S. Dear Loic: We don’t know each other well, having done nothing more than exchange a few emails over the years. But one of the benefits of being a participant in the wide world of social media is a shamelessness and a willingness to dialogue publicly,Continue reading “Open Letter to Loic”

Ton of Bricks vs. Bloggers

Two awful stories prove that things are still bad for bloggers in oppressive countries. First, Yahoo. (And really, how could it not start with Yahoo?) Speaking with VOA’s Mandarin Service Wednesday after arriving in Washington, Yu Ling said Chinese police arrested her husband, Wang Xiaoning, partly because Yahoo’s Hong Kong office gave Chinese authorities informationContinue reading “Ton of Bricks vs. Bloggers”

Kareem Sentenced to Four Years in Egyptian Prison

Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman has been sentenced to four years in an Egyptian prison, three for “insulting Islam” and one for insulting Mubarak. Hey, remember when “Egypt” used to be synonymous with “civilization”? Yeah, me neither. Committee to Protect Bloggers supported Kareem when he was first imprisoned, then freed by the Egyptian authorities, even creating aContinue reading “Kareem Sentenced to Four Years in Egyptian Prison”