Corporate Blogging for Business Companies

Occasionally, I am called upon to contribute to a company’s blog. There’s no trick to it. I just try to a) write about topics of interest to the company’s customers, to the participants in the conversations that the blog, its writers and its company are engaged in and c) show some of my own personality.Continue reading “Corporate Blogging for Business Companies”

Trumba Blog

Some time back, Marshall and I went up to Seattle to visit Trumba, the online calendar company. We helped them set up their corporate blog and trained them in its use and upkeep. Now they’re at it like gangbusters. They’ve taken to blogging like fish to water. Ducks to water? Something watery to water. It’sContinue reading “Trumba Blog”

Marshall K of the Social Software Weblog and NetSq…

Marshall K of the Social Software Weblog and NetSquared and I will be in Seattle Monday visiting Trumba. We will be hanging out at the Rendezvous at 8:00 p.m. if anyone would like to join us. meetup, Seattle, Rendezvous, Committee_to_Protect_Bloggers, Social_Software_Weblog, NetSquared, Curt_Hopkins, Marshall_Kirkpatrick, Morpheme_Tales Curt Hopkins