Trumba Blog

Some time back, Marshall and I went up to Seattle to visit Trumba, the online calendar company. We helped them set up their corporate blog and trained them in its use and upkeep. Now they’re at it like gangbusters. They’ve taken to blogging like fish to water. Ducks to water? Something watery to water. It’sContinue reading “Trumba Blog”

Super Diaper Babies Strike Again: Google

Joining the ranks of Super Diaper Babies is Google. CNET‘s Elinor Mills, who also wrote about the CPB-associated MSN Spaces hack, used Google to find out information on that company’s CEO, which she published in an article. Google thereupon began to scream and beat the ground with its angry little fists. In a petulant andContinue reading “Super Diaper Babies Strike Again: Google”

Wal-Mart as Censor

Via Romanesko, I found a report in the Pensacola News Journal detailing a regional Wal-Mart manager’s attempt to pressure the paper into firing one of its columnists, Mark O’Brien. In one of his columns O’Brien had discussed the hidden cost of Wal-Mart’s price savings, primarily in additional health care burden borne by the state, sinceContinue reading “Wal-Mart as Censor”


Microsoft is assisting the Chinese government in muzzling the Chinese people. It has configured its MSN Spaces blogging software and service to ban words such as “freedom” and “democracy.” MS’s prominent blogger, Robert Scoble, sacrifices in one fell swoop, every last hint of his credibility with this cheap PR weasel-bark. It is deftly swept asideContinue reading “MICROSOFT = POOPOO IN PANTPANT”


Via BL Ochman, I was brought face-to-face with a sickening perversion of God’s natural law: the new Technorati beta site. What would compel a person to change a perferctly reasonable site to this monstrosity? Good lord that’s ugly. It has that natural food store signage vibe that early web design had. *** Technorati, for thoseContinue reading “TECHNORATI UGLIES UP THEYSEFF”