What You Can’t Do Online

I think the electronic tools of communication, publishing and interaction are just great. I use them a lot for my nonprofit work, in my writing life and the strategic use of them has become my work. But there is simply no way to achieve electronic mimesis of pulling into a colonial Salvadoran town on aContinue reading “What You Can’t Do Online”


I have had a great deal of opportunity over the years to create and distribute corporate newsletters. Although blogs and other social media have eroded the primacy of this method for keeping in touch with one’s customers, it’s a far cry from finished. I’ve included excerpts from several I’ve created below. From the iKarma Newsletter.Continue reading “Newsletters”

Hyperlocals Guide

Shields Bialasik, the chief at LocalsGuide, which I occasionally advise, has taken my advice, and started a blog, hyperlocal 101. Not surprisingly, he is focusing on the issues surrounding “hyperlocalism.” LocalsGuide is devoted putting the concept of the immediate, geographic and personal into practice, both through their geographically-based social network and their print magazine thatContinue reading “Hyperlocals Guide”

New Model Army

There was a very interesting conversation that played out some time back across a number of blogs. Shel Israel (author, with Robert Scoble, of the business blogging book Naked Conversation) began discussing the search by one of his clients, Scrapblog (an online multimedia scrapbooking service), for a person who could wade into the community thatContinue reading “New Model Army”

PBwiki and the press

I’ve been working this past month helping PBwiki, the world’s largest providers of wiki software and hosting, to build on recent successes by getting some good press coverage. My goal was to secure commitments to publishing four stories, which I’ve done. (I’ll add links when the articles become available.) [Update: five now.] There’s good andContinue reading “PBwiki and the press”

Your Communications Responsibilities

With the proliferation of communications technologies there is an impulse to jump on the bandwagon. How many times have you heard one of the following statements? “Everyone has email.” “You can’t compete without a web site.” “Start blogging or I will destroy you!” (That last one was from the Evil Blogging Robot.) But just grabbingContinue reading “Your Communications Responsibilities”

The Dialogic Imagination

I find systems of thought (ideologies, philosophies) to be more intellectual exercise than trustworthy tool for understanding the world. Like a t-square, a system can be moved around a page to make interesting or comic patterns but they’re about as useful at getting at the meaning of life (and the “texts” that inform it) asContinue reading “The Dialogic Imagination”