The Committe to Protect Bloggers Has Found a New Leader

I am very relieved to be able to tell you that the CPB has found a person I believe to be a capable new leader in Andrew Ford Lyons. Andrew has the decency, self-respect and common sense to be from the Pacific Northwest and the sense of adventure to live and work in this “UnitedContinue reading “The Committe to Protect Bloggers Has Found a New Leader”

Committee to Protect Bloggers: Changing of the Guard

As of this date, I am handing the reins of the Committee to Protect Bloggers over to our current Associate Editor, Victor Ngeny. For the next month, Victor’s will be the only voice you hear on the CPB site. I have been at this, with one break, for four years. I think it is timeContinue reading “Committee to Protect Bloggers: Changing of the Guard”

PRI’s The World & Their Tech Podcast

I was featured on The World Tech Podcast. It’s the podcast for Public Radio International’s program The World, which I’ve been on before. It’s an occasional conversation about global free speech and bloggers. I’ll be speaking to Clark again this coming week. We’ve got a very exciting campaign coming up over at Committee to ProtectContinue reading “PRI’s The World & Their Tech Podcast”

The Me Speech Movement

The cheerleading surrounding the transformative power of the new communications technologies, or “Web 2.0,” is masking an unacknowledged reality: The majority of men and women using them wish for free speech to extend only as far as themselves and no further. Blogging, podcasting, file sharing: all of it, they believe, should be in service toContinue reading “The Me Speech Movement”

Need a Free Nonprofit Blog Host

Because I is a idiot, I was considering reawakening the beast that is, or rather was, the Committee to Protect Bloggers. To do this, I need a free blog host. OK, they’re common enough. But since my techno-eyes are always bigger than my techno-stomach, I need a host that would also be available for constantContinue reading “Need a Free Nonprofit Blog Host”

CPB Archive Goes the Way of the Great Auk

Dr. Mike, who ran a kind of blog farm under WordPress, has suddenly realized what a pain in the ass that was and folded shop. So, the Committee to Protect Bloggers Archive is no more. (Formerly at this URL: There have been so many new arrests, I’m not sure how valuable it was anyway.Continue reading “CPB Archive Goes the Way of the Great Auk”