A [Fairly Updated] (Reasonably) Comprehensive List of Fired Bloggers (& Users of Other Social Media)

I originally posted the first version of this list years ago. I re-posted an updated version in 2009. Now I’m doing it again. See the previous version for an introduction and explanation of why and how I first put this list together.

Another Book About Me

Update: Just discovered that yet another book will feature my exploits / shenanigans. Can’t talk about it yet, but it sounds interesting. *** Although I can’t sell a book to save my life, it looks like I can get in them easily enough. First, I was quoted in Naked Conversations, then an abortive idea forContinue reading “Another Book About Me”

Second Blogfired Interviewee Dies

The second interviewee for my piece on fired bloggers, Rob Smith of Gut Rumbles has died. The other interviewee to pass away was Bob Stambaugh. It’s always sad when someone dies. For two people to die from one story I wrote is distressing as well. Nothing to learn from what seems to be a coincidence,Continue reading “Second Blogfired Interviewee Dies”

Articles on Fired Bloggers and Employment Issues

Here are the articles I’ve collected on blogging and the workplace that are still active. *** August Newsday article: “When bosses and blogs collide.” August Philadelphia Inquirer article: ” Your blog could get you recruited – or fired.” (Asinine registration required.) July Oakland Tribune article: “Bloggers may face management wrath.” June Network World article: “DoesContinue reading “Articles on Fired Bloggers and Employment Issues”

Morpheme Tales in Oakland Tribune

An article on blogfirings came out today in the Oakland Tribune called “Bloggers may face management wrath.” The article quoted me extensively and mentioned Morpheme Tales. They managed to botch the URL of this blog, however, and despite asking them to fix it — a very easy thing to do especially online — they didContinue reading “Morpheme Tales in Oakland Tribune”

Blogging Policy Article in Network World

In June Network World magazine published an article called, “Does your company have an official blogging policy?“ If you have found that one of your employees has already begun writing about your company in a blog and you’re not happy with his take on corporate life, you may well be within your right to pullContinue reading “Blogging Policy Article in Network World”

Don’t Blog If You Want Work

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an article in its “First Person” section called, “Bloggers Need Not Apply.” In it the author warns that if you want a job, don’t blog. Ironically, the author is publishing his personal opinion and experiences under a pseudonym online. Perhaps, since he’s not publishing in reverse chronological order,Continue reading “Don’t Blog If You Want Work”

Sacramento Bee Article on Blogging and Employment

The Sacramento Bee has published an article on blogging employment policy. I was interviewed for this article. Although I didn’t make it in the story much of the information I provided did, in particular the survey of employers’ actions toward blogging that was created in response to the aborted article on the topic I wroteContinue reading “Sacramento Bee Article on Blogging and Employment”