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Mobility as a Service

In Automobiles on August 14, 2014 at 8:14 pm


In the future, cars will be less product and more process

This year has seen an upsurge in mobile connectivity, but not just in handsets and laptops. It’s cars too that are getting plugged in.

Joining Ford’s grandfatherly SYNC system (which first debuted in its original iteration way back in, oh, aught-seven I reckon), and Tesla, which offers free 3G on its Model S series cars, are Audi and Buick.

Audi’s A3 model will feature 4G connectivity beginning this summer, bumped up from 3G+, which was offered in their Audi 47 model under the brand “Audi Connect,” still offered throughout the Audi catalogue.

“Several years ago, Audi viewed that the future of connected cars hinged on the ability to deliver a broadband pipeline into the car’s infotainment systems so that massive amounts of data could be delivered to equip motorists with the best information on navigation routes and destinations,” Audi America’s corporate communications manager, Brad Stertz said. Read the rest of this entry »