Sokwanele Missing in Action?

Update: The Ladies and Gentlement of Sokwanele’s “This is Zimbabwe” are back. *** I just found out from Sokari at Black Looks that Zimbabwe’s Sokwenle group has neither posted on their blog, This is Zimbabwe, nor on the Sokwanele site, for six weeks. Not only that, they do not answer their email. This in theContinue reading “Sokwanele Missing in Action?”

Enough is Enough: The New Zimbabwean Democracy Super-Blog

I want to turn your attention to an interesting new project called, “Enough is Enough.” Enough is Enough is a blog devoted to news and analysis of the African country of Zimbabwe, from the inside out. Once the “breadbasket of Africa,” in recent decades, under the increasingly tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe has becomeContinue reading “Enough is Enough: The New Zimbabwean Democracy Super-Blog”

Blogswana: Botswana, AIDS and Blogging

Blogging For Others Brian Schartz and I are embarking on a new project, under the auspices of the Committee to Protect Bloggers. It’s called Blogswana and it is a project to increase HIV/AIDS education in the African country of Botswana through blogging. A little background: I was unable to go to Global Voices’ London SummitContinue reading “Blogswana: Botswana, AIDS and Blogging”

Crackdown on the Scorpions

South Africa’s Scorpions, whom I’ve called a modern-day Untouchables, are starting to feel the heat. The Directorate of Special Investigations, as they are officially known, have investigated high-level alleged criminals, such as Deputy President Jacob Zuma and 54 parliamentarians. They enjoy broad support in South Africa. Now, according to Commentary, governmental officials are trying toContinue reading “Crackdown on the Scorpions”

Oregon Human Rights and Anti-Genocide Act of 2005

According to Sudan Activism Blog: The Oregon House unanimously passed the Oregon Human Rights and Anti-Genocide Act of 2005 (SB 1089) which divests the state of Oregon from Sudan. The bill now goes back to the Senate for a procedural concurrence vote before it heads to the Governor. Some amendments were made in the HouseContinue reading “Oregon Human Rights and Anti-Genocide Act of 2005”

Prosecute You Like a Hurricane

South Africa’s Directorate of Special Investigations, popularly known as “the Scorpions” are a modern-day Untouchables. The unit’s impressive 85% conviction rate over the past two years partially explains why it enjoys such huge popular support. The fact that this fraud-busting national prosecuting authority has a Hollywood-style panache also contributes to its prestige. It consists ofContinue reading “Prosecute You Like a Hurricane”

Removal of Botswana’s Bushmen

The government of Botswana completed its expulsion of the Gana and Gwi bush people from the central Kalahari game reserve, on the grounds that their hunting and gathering has become “obsolete” and their presence is no longer compatible with “preserving wildlife resources”. To get rid of them, Survival International claims the government cut off theirContinue reading “Removal of Botswana’s Bushmen”