Trash words and garbage grammar

How uncritical language adoption eliminates nuance and weakens expression Neologisms and other changes are part of the way language evolves. But when such changes reduce your power of expression, your ability to communicate nuance, they should not be considered inevitable but should instead be resisted as linguistic rubbish. There are three types of such wasteContinue reading “Trash words and garbage grammar”

When old punks go racist

Most of the old punk rockers I love still play for freedom, fearlessness, inclusion, and anti-authorianism. These are the things I love them for. These are the things that give me hope. These are the things I can dance to! But some have become just about as sad as fuck.  Punks and musicians are people,Continue reading “When old punks go racist”

Drinking in San Francisco

It took us until our second tenure in San Francisco to figure out how to eat in the city. Here you flee from fancy food like from a tropical outhouse. Fancy food in San Francisco is overhyped, overpriced, and overcooked. Like Jonathan Gold advised Angelenos, it’s best to eat at restaurants serving ethnic foods thatContinue reading “Drinking in San Francisco”

The Dot Product Engine

One of the most common computational actions today is matrix multiplication, mathematical functions across columns of figures. One of the most popular expressions of this is object recognition and another is large-scale optimization and the location of global minima. But this action is very compute-intensive. Add to this the data flood from edge devices rangingContinue reading “The Dot Product Engine”

The Dog Watches and Other Poems

I’ve written poems seriously for a very long time, occasionally publishing them. In the last few years, I noticed that almost every piddling literary journal was doing something that used to be considered sleazy, charging for reading. That was it for me. But my friend Scott Taylor, a designer and poet himself, was interested inContinue reading “The Dog Watches and Other Poems”

AI: promises and perils

A Q&A with HPE’s Dr. Eng Lim Goh on AI, ethics, and the future Dr. Eng Lim Goh, vice president and chief technology officer for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has spent his career considering what machines can do, what they might do, and what they shouldn’t do. As AI hasContinue reading “AI: promises and perils”

Unpublished “Julian” Poems

I originally translated these poems about Julian the Apostate by Constantine Cavafy for an essay I wrote called Denying Julian, for the Cavafy Forum, University of Michigan’s Modern Greek and Classics publication. I received access to them via literal English versions from the Cavafy Archive in Athens and turned them into English poems. I hadContinue reading “Unpublished “Julian” Poems”