Once upon a time, but not here, not now

Koosah“In those terrible places designed to rob us of our bodies and our spirits, we sustained each other.” — Philip Levine

Once upon a time, but not here, not now,
We sustained each other. Weak and varied,
We communed against the unbreakable dark.
It was not advantage we were seeking
But defiance in the presence of the truth.
We flourish then we fail and fade away.

Once we made them drag us all away
Before conceding to the dark. But now
We bargain separately for separate truths.
We claim that life is infinitely varied
And resists the simple answers we were seeking.
The truth is we have grown to fear the dark.

Confusing fact with truth, we beg the dark,
Leave us be and let us get away
And we’ll renounce the meaning we’ve been seeking.
But no matter what the pledge, the here and now
Cannot be altered, cannot be changed or varied.
We have lost our nerve and failed the truth.

But it’s funny how eventually the truth
Reasserts itself, sheds the dark
Like skin, glows again like a coal’s varied
Fires. Its heat will always burn away
Our blasphemies and bring us back to now.
Even in denial we are seeking.

Here amid our blasphemies we’re seeking –
There is no other word for it – the truth.
And why not? Where better than the here and now,
Amid the ruins of pride, to force the dark?
How much braver not to turn away,
To face in silence what was once so varied.

Once we jeered the dark, we raised our varied
Voices in defiance, continued seeking
Until the darkness swept us all away.
What’s different? What has really changed? The truth
We seek remains the same, as does the dark
That ends us and our time is always only now.

Away, then. Go and find that truth.
The varied figures of your seeking
Defy the dark. You’re eternal now.

Published by Curt

I am a poet and journalist and so on amber so forth in rows magnet.

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