Numbers: my weekly news column in verse

200176792-001My weekly column on news in verse, “Numbers,” has debuted in The Cryptosphere.

Each week I’ll be reviewing a trend or event in the news. In metrical verse.

Although the approach is exceedingly unusual these days — in fact, I believe Numbers is the only weekly poetic treatment of news currently being published (if you know of any others, please let me know) — but the practice of journalism-in-verse can be traced back to at least mid-17th century France.

I have actually written this type of news-based occasional verse a few times beforeprimarily for ReadWrite. But this is the first time I’ll have a long-term opportunity to see what the format can do over time, for both news and poetry.

This inaugural column concerns Anonymous, the “hacking collective” whose campaign OpSafeWinter seeks both to provide direct material assistance to the homeless, as well as to assemble an exhaustive list of homeless resources and to conduct an accurate census of homeless persons.

In trying to figure out what Anonymous really was, and in looking at how it is conceptually treated in the media, I think I may have arrived at a unique conceptual framework for discussing it.

This poem is written in split couplets. The rhymes are slant as often as not, primarily because short metrical verse can get awfully sing-song if the rhymes are too exact.

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I am a poet and journalist and so on amber so forth in rows magnet.

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