Rumor of News from Tech Sites Reported as News of Rumor on Tech Sites

Today, news broke that there was a rumor.

The stories on the rumor outlined how one unreliable foreign source of rumors, a microblogging site, used a term usually associated with rumors that don’t bear out. Then, another domestic source of rumors, another microblogging site, also repeated the rumor.

Rumormongering was deftly avoided by the cadre of seasoned professional journalists who reported the rumor, as, according to every single story on the topic, each of those stories’ authors were reporting strictly on the news of a rumor being reported, which is news.

“Hey!” one writer is rumored to have ejaculated on himself, “What if it turns out the rumor is true? Then, by covering the rumor of news as the news of a rumor we will have broken the story of the fact behind the rumor!”

The end.

Photo by Yeowatzup

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