My Favorite Recordings of 2011

These are the recordings that came out in 2011 that I listened to most. These recordings came in more forms than ever before, including CD, download, mixtape and online streaming.

Spoek Mathambo: Mshini Wam. South African electronic musician.

Domus Mixtapes: The Sound of Johannesburg. Mixtape from the Italian outfit, put together by BLK JKS and Athi-Patra Ruga.

DJ Quickie Mart: Ask Ya Ma ‘Nem. NOLA funk and soul translated.

(Not from Ya Ma)

Karen Kilgariff: Behind You. She’s a comedian who tells jokes. Unlike every other comedian who has ever picked up a guitar, her songs are actually funny, but they’re also ouchy.

Fifth Ward Fauntleroy & Shorty Moneypenny: Oops, There’s a Lump in Your Tea and Chapz Everywhere. A gentleman and a lady from Staines take filth to Victorian levels, then disappear.

(No video available)

Yacht Bounce. DJ Tony Scratchere, Quickie Mart and others unite the whitest music (80s soft rock) and the blackest (bounce).

Foster the People: Torches. Weird, compelling combo of church choir, punk rock and guy on the coast road with a guitar case.

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