The Beekeeper

The lack of a programmatic political endgame is the strength of #occupywallstreet,  not — as every journalist, and even some protesters, believe — its weakness. The moment #occupywallstreet becomes a “movement,” with a set of rules, the moment it becomes exclusive, it will give birth to a hierarchy, and the moment that hierarchy exists, everything else will end.

#occupywallstreet does not lack or need “demands.” Its existence says certain things: we are invested, we are engaged, we care, we’re upset, we’re worried, we empathize, we want to be involved, we believe, we have faith, we think the world can change for the better and we think we can become agents of some of that change.

The closest thing to a message #occupywallstreet seems to have — message, not demand — is “unfetter the electoral process from big money.” It is my devout hope that the numbers, the volume, increases, the heart increases, the song increases, but that the people as a whole do not give in to the demand of those discomfited by its threatening amorphousness to issues demands that will never be met to people who can never meet them.

We don’t need a proliferation of new interest groups. But a hugely broad-based coalition of Human-Americans might just rock the lawmakers and their financial allies back on their heels, knock them off balance, send them scrambling back with the realization in their minds, “Holy shit, we had better watch our step.”

The power of poteniality, of the threat in shadow, of the mystery, is greater and makes more psychic demands than a monster with a well-documented taxonomy.

Long live the Mona Lisa, O Melissokomos and The Moviegoer!

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