Out of the Silent PlanetWhen the slow decay of the universe starts suddenly speeding up and the eventual end of creation is looking more like, oh, say Sunday, messengers decide to reveal the location of a long-lost sacred text to a space-faring vampire.

In my satirical novel “Ainadamar,” Prince Ivan Stratsimir of Krăn’s family motto — one which has also functioned perfectly well as the motto of the Madrugada, the ship he commands — translates roughly as “It’s All About the Benjamins.” So a divine charge to find and employ the Enchiridion is met with some ambivalence, especially since it may mean his death. Again. With the help of a crew of fellow temporal refugees — the chain mail-clad Red Mona, a mountebank, a cowboy named Slim, a feline engineer, a cephalopodan ship’s surgeon and Stanislaus, the Madrugada’s shape-shifting chef — Stratsimir must make his way across half a universe and a handful of centuries to find and use this cross between a scripture, a spell-book and a computer operating system and fix the form of the created worlds. Along the way, they have to fight, avoid, trick and bribe everyone from religious extremists who believe sin can only be destroyed by reversing the Big Bang, a galactic empire that makes those chumps in Star Wars look like a Canadian provincial transportation subcommittee, super funky space banditos and an army of zombies.

If you’d like to read Ainadamar, let me know and I’ll email you an .rtf version of it for your intellectual delectation. (Or any number of other formats – see below.)

My only “conditions” are that a) you let me know what you think – even if you don’t think much of it – and b) that you publish your feelings about the book on your blog, or any other social media platform you choose. (If you don’t have any social media accounts, don’t worry about B.)

You can read my query for Aindamar here. This should give you a snapshot of the plot and allow you to decide whether it’s anything you’re likely to want to spend time on.

You can read the preface to the book, “Ayn Al-Dam,” here.

And you can read the first chapter, “Point of Origin,” here.

If you’re interested, contact me via any of my social media accounts, or by email, and I’ll send it out to you right away. And thanks. My email address is curthopkins|at|gmail|dot|com.


Update: John Hagewood has gone above and beyond his membership in both the reader|writer community and the online community in general by designing the book in various formats. If you would prefer an ebook format, please let me know.

I used “Book Designer 4.0” (freeware) to create the LRF file (and a generic html file).  The LRF file is readable on Sony PRS-500/505 Readers.

I used Calibre (freeware) to do the other conversions (from the generic html):

mobi – unsecure mobipocket – works using the mobipocket software (available on many platforms including PC and Blackberry) and also works on the Amazon Kindle

lit – Microsoft Reader format

epub – cross-platform – works great with “Stanza” which is a popular ebook reader for the iPhone (and PC desktop)