Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof

Mrs. Zen

In Superintelligent sea cucumbers on March 22, 2010 at 4:00 am

walnut doll

Finding old notes to myself can be a traumatizing event. I found the following notes written on a bookmark from the Faulkner House bookstore on Pirate’s Alley in New Orleans, stuck in a Harry Matthews novel called “The Conversions” in a collection called “The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium and Other Novels.”

F/O 25
Yesterday, I made out of a walnut & a few acorns a small doll which I named Mrs. Zen.
F/N 1
Mrs. Zen seeks to tear the world to shreds; her head is a pierced walnut.

I have no doubt that both statements are 100% true, but, you know. Yikes.

  1. Man. I think these may be quotes from George Seferis from his journal.

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