The Snake and the Fox

bald soprano,cantrice chauve,ionesco,kuklaThis is a story I just made up.

Once upon a time, a snake came up to a fox and said, “It seems to me that I know you!”

The fox replied to him, “Me too.”

“Then,” said the snake, “give me some money.”

“A fox doesn’t give money,” replied the tricky animal, who, in order to escape, jumped down into a deep ravine full of strawberries and chicken honey.

But the snake was there waiting for him with a Mephistophelean laugh. The fox pulled out his knife, shouting: “I’m going to teach you how to live!”

Then he took to flight, turning his back. But he had no luck. The snake was quicker. With a well-chosen blow of his fist, he struck the fox in the middle of his forehead, which broke into a thousand pieces, while he cried: “No! No! Four times no! I’m not your daughter.”

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