Websites I Have Known

Click the link above to view a presentation of six websites that I have worked on, or managed, and which I have materially improved. These include, Committee to Protect Bloggers, InstantAction and more. Speaker’s notes are below.

Ask (InterActive)

Mostly I led the creation of natural-language, question-answering databases for corporate clients such as Compaq and Oxygen Media. But I also wrote the first ever corporate about copy and the marketing book for Series B funding visits.

Autoweb (Autobytel)

Acted as editor, liaison with Razorfish for redesign, worked with PMs to map out architecture of the redesign and expansion; managed a writer and two freelancers; added auxiliary content such as articles on insurance and repair and maintenance.

Mailroom (Sproutit)

Remade sales funnel, including messaging, content, architecture and design. Next day jump of successful completion of funnel by 500%.

InstantAction (InterActive Corp)

I rolled out all of their social media. This included setting up blogs, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Flickr, Delicous and a YouTube channel. The metrics, one of the first complete SM metrics I saw at that point, indicated a steep upward trend in conversation about our product and positivity of comments.

OutdoorRugged (Tripod Data Systems | Trimble Navigation Ltd.)

I ran the fact track creation and implementation of this company’s first ecommerce site. A day after opening we had sold $10K that we would not have otherwise. We repurposed an ill-thought out social network, dropping it behind and to the side of the store, to use it as a funnel without overemphasizing it.

Committee to Protect Bloggers

I found people to work on the design and implementation of this site – the first nonprofit dedicated to the safety of bloggers worldwide – and managed the process. Key here was attractiveness and readability across languages and cultures. Site was instrumental in garnering global press attention.

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