Global Hit Must Be Stopped!


I started a Facebook group for those realize that the greatest ill facing our society today is neither terrorism nor AIDS nor lack of affordable health care. It is the Global Hit feature on Public Radio International’s program The World. Below is some background on the menace. If you’d like to join, visit the Global Hit Must Be Stopped! page.

The Menace

The “Global Hit” element of PRI’s radio show “The World” is a sickening perversion of G-d’s natural law.

The world, as well as The World, must be spared any and all Okinawan breakbeat artists composing and performing on thumb pianos.

Global Hit fetishizes the people and music of both Western and non-Western cultures, reducing them to formulaic absurdities.

As one music critic said of the Global Hit, “I’m no theologian, but I’m pretty sure someone at PRI needs a punch in the throat.”

Recent Global Hits have included the following.

  • Hans Breuer, half-Jewish Austrian, is a shepherd-songwriter who tries to keep Yiddish music alive in Austria as he travels with his flock
  • (The artist) fused Indian ragas with Irish jigs
  • Celebrity blogger and gossip columnist Perez Hilton…also a big fan of pop music from around the globe…has put together a package tour of some of his favorite artists
  • A group of experimental artists from Tijuana…a fusion of Norteño folk music with electronic beats and production

The following could be Global Hits.

  • A Kawahib DJ combining gangsta and sertanejo to the accomp. of Ilús & a Behringer DX626
  • The Samogitian tenoroon players of Windhoek perform Pigmeat Markham covers
  • She plays Detroit house on a guitar made out of a gas can while singing in Dutch

The Contest

I invite all members of GHMbS to help me create an Alternative Global Hit. Below are the constituent elements. Mix up a “Global Hit” and send it to me. I will post it on the Global Hit page and the membership will vote on the best one.

Put three or more of the following elements together to create a Global Hit and send me an MP3.

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