Because I am still in the process of publishing my poetry – sonnets, lyric poems, translations – in other people’s magazines, including online publications, I have deleted all the poems I could find that I’ve posted here. The posts I’ve written announcing publications and linking to them I’ve kept. Posts about poetry I have also retained. Finally, I’ve kept those poems by the greatest poet the world has ever known, Bob Folder.

If, or when, I run out of steam I may republish the missing poems that haven’t found a publisher. Another possibility is a new blog, devoted wholly to my own poetry. But whatever I decide, given editors’ fussiness about poems appearing even on a poet’s own blog, and given my absent-mindedness (I could never remember which ones I’d posted), this seemed like the best course of action for now.

If there’s a poem gone that you are missing – there’s an unlikely scenario – email me or leave a comment and I’ll mail or email you a copy.