My Poetry Has Been Excised

Because I am still in the process of publishing my poetry – sonnets, lyric poems, translations – in other people’s magazines, including online publications, I have deleted all the poems I could find that I’ve posted here. The posts I’ve written announcing publications and linking to them I’ve kept. Posts about poetry I have also retained. Finally, I’ve kept those poems by the greatest poet the world has ever known, Bob Folder.

If, or when, I run out of steam I may republish the missing poems that haven’t found a publisher. Another possibility is a new blog, devoted wholly to my own poetry. But whatever I decide, given editors’ fussiness about poems appearing even on a poet’s own blog, and given my absent-mindedness (I could never remember which ones I’d posted), this seemed like the best course of action for now.

If there’s a poem gone that you are missing – there’s an unlikely scenario – email me or leave a comment and I’ll mail or email you a copy.

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  1. Hello Likable,

    My name is Thomas from Massachusetts, U.S.A. I am typing you this short letter in regards to the work you have been doing online, sharing your gifted thoughts and dreams with us. I have been surfing the net for about 25 years or so and when a person devotes Her/His time for the common public, sharing your thoughts and dreams so other people may be happy when sending one of your Poems to a loved one.
    Thank you for providing me with the ability to let my beautiful outside, inside Fiance’, Chinese Lady know that I love her very, very much. I do hope to marry her some day soon. Now I am waiting for her to apply for a Tourist Visa so we can meet face to face and hopefully marry.
    So what I do sometimes is search for Classical Chinese love Poems and study about the Author, then translate to simplified Chinese then send to her so she knows my feelings, how I feel about her. Good Communication matters very much in any loving relationship.

    The reasons why I am typing you this short letter is to thank you for anything I can find here to let my Darling know how I feel about her. This way she knows how much I care about her and how much I miss her. As you know the Chinese culture is approximately 5000 years young, and they invented the Pen, writing and much, much more. so I think they a lot of experience expressing their inner feelings about life in general, and about Science and the Nature of our Planet and how we came to be. If I remember correctly, they were the first Astronomer’s charting the heavens before Jesus Christ was born.

    Maybe you think I am born Chinese but, I am 100% American and only very interested in Chinese Culture, History, and Classical Chinese Poetry, food and my Future Wife.
    I will read and try to understand the meanings of your Poems. And, since I am a free lance Still Nature Photographer,I do have an Artist interest in anything that

    Again, thank you very much for taking your time and sharing your thoughts and feelings about life, our Planet, and everything that resides here on Planet Earth. True Love, Just an Ocean away…

    Sincerely, Thomas

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