Monsterball: Official League Rules

Monsterball dish, church, and camerlengo. This photo shows the church filled with water and a sculpture in the dish. Ideally, the dish has water but nothing else and the church is dry.

Monsterball, also called 1913, is a new craze that’s sweeping the nation, and also other nations, as well as two principalities. Although adaptability is a hallmark of Monsterball, the rapid growth of interest in the game has made it necessary to establish rules and scoring for league play.

MONSTERBALL | Rules for the League of Unusual Players

  • Goal is to score points by kicking ball into the water-filled dish in the church from the playing field, or camerlengo. (See dish, church in the camerlengo above.)
  • Ball must be a size 5 soccer ball (the Indians call it “maize” and Europeans sometimes “football” or “futobol”)
  • Dish must be filled with water.
  • Players assume opposite sides of the camerlengo, with the church in between.
  • Players or teams alternate attempts at the goal.
  • The game ends when one person or team reaches a score of 19. A match is one game to 19, a second game to 13 and, if necessary, a tie-breaker to 14.

Scoring | ball must break the center line to score

Drop | (ball hits the water and remains in the dish): 12 points
Splash (Clean) | (ball hits the water): 10 points
Splash (Dirty) | (ball hits anything else before or after the Splash): 7 points
Splash (Dry) | (hits the top of the dish without displacing water): 6 points
Pop| (ball goes into the recess and pops out the other side): 2 points
Skip | (ball hits concrete on either side): 1 points
Bounce | (ball returns to the shooter’s side of the camerlengo): 0 points, do-over
Satan | (ball goes into the church and remains there): -2 points
Hands | (touching the ball with hands or shoulders): -3 points

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