Game Space

You don’t get all poety without an almost sexual affection for proportion, inflection and interrelationship. So when I was producing video podcasts at a game company where I worked, I remember this discussion I had with their head of game development. I didn’t leave that place with a lot of new information – the currency, aside from currency, that I value the most. But this discussion gave me something very new, a new way of regarding the world, or of apprehending information anyway.

This guy talked about how when he walked into, say, a mall, he didn’t get information visually, as my wife primarily does, nor verbally, as I primarily do. Rather, he said he apprehended the space as game space and the pieces of information as elements of that game. In other words, he saw the space in terms of flow, function, obstacle and goal and identified elements within this space as contributors, or resistors, to one of those four terms.

It was exciting to get a glimpse into a different way of understanding. Such things add additional stereo channels to our ability to process and broadcast something we might eventually call wisdom. It’s the same reason that math is exciting to me, despite the fact (maybe actually because of that fact) that I am no adept, no moreso than at video games, which I rarely play. All this got brought up to the top of my mind because of reading Brian D’Amato’s “In the Courts of the Sun,” a novel that is more about game theory and mathematics than it is about the Maya.

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One thought on “Game Space

  1. It’s nice to see you got something out of your time there.

    I, on the other hand, process information pieces as edible (or quaffable) or non-edible (non-quaffable).

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