[Re-posted from CPB.]

I have some very bad news. I was laid off at the end of January but always thought I would find new work. That has not happened. I am now face-to-face with the reality that if I do not spend every single waking minute in the pursuit of a new job we will wind up living on the street. I wish that were a poetic exageration. It is not.

As much concern as I have for people I don’t know, far and away my most important commitment is to my wife and our family. The Committee to Protect Bloggers, this blog, all the rest of it, is of distinctly secondary importance. From now until after I am re-employed, I cannot spend a single second on anything but my search for employment. I should have realized this before but “thinking positively” can sometimes function as simple delusion. Today things happened that brought it all home.

I hope that this hiatus on my part is temporary.