34 Unpopular Opinions

PhotobucketMt. Rushmore was a waste of resources that should have gone into developing Esperanto

  1. Yoga is favored by rapists
  2. Children should be taught to drive
  3. Cats make excellent boxers
  4. Math is fake
  5. The Founding Fathers were all gay
  6. The government should hire Sasquatches to monitor dams
  7. Marty Feldman and Gene Hackman are the same person
  8. Global warming is caused by a virus
  9. Breakdancing is an offshoot of Sikhism
  10. Vince from Sham Wow is the hidden imam
  11. NOAH is a spy agency
  12. Axe Body Wash contains fruit fly pheromones
  13. Flan is the Armenian national desert
  14. Language causes hiccups
  15. Angels are surly
  16. Pirates off Africa’s East Coast plan raids using Brightkite
  17. The Irish are better bowlers than the English
  18. Turkeys descended from amphibians
  19. Whales are stupid
  20. The NSA is staffed by Rosicrucians
  21. Around some parts of the Indian Ocean, sand is poisonous
  22. Ocean temperatures are rising due to chemicals from shoes
  23. 6.626 067 96(33)×10–34 Js
  24. The government keeps one subtractive primary out of the color wheel on purpose
  25. Panda is the measure of all things
  26. Billy Graham is a Muslim
  27. Memory is caused by pressure from Platonic forms intruding into our brains
  28. Staring at a Venn diagram increases blood glucose levels
  29. Most children in Idaho carry guns
  30. In an ideal society, once you turn 60, the government should increase your taxes but provide you with poison
  31. The single greatest influence on European modern dance is Maoism
  32. Most Mexicans are left-handed
  33. Nine out of ten fruit cups are made in Laos
  34. Mathematically, everything a person says is the opposite of everything else they say – mathematically

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  1. Stephan says:

    Thanks for rekindling me Dada streak. It had lain asleep under a packet of Splonda for approx. 6 steaks.


    caution: straight up rips above.

    live in Portland, loving Oregon, thanks again Curt.

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