The Round Fortitude, Notably

1.  Klondike Druid Farm
2.  Unlikely Negroes
3.  Rooty-tooty fresh and headless
4.  Mixing up the arm bones
5.  California disarmament jamboree
6.  Launching some butt chocolate
7.  Renegade monkey with some fish sticks
8.  Swamp Thing backwash
9.  Bursting titty symposium
10.  Boner of the century
11.  Bozo hangs himself and gets a boner
12.  Newt boner
13.  Sinister hair-chunk poloroid scalpel
14.  Supernatural beet snack
13.  Antiseptic skillet formation
14.  Ominous squirrel perimeter
13.  Pocket triangle numerology for the damaged
13.  Mon Dieu!  I have eaten my own foot!
13.  A tall glass of onion juice and kitty whiskers
14.  Malibu Barbie in a drum
15.  Abdul’s hairy butt twat
13.  The pot calling the negro black
12.  Portentious nine iron
13.  Petroleum jelly donut
13.  Scallopini daydream
13.  Lamborghini extract
alt:  Keebler elf damage (level)

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